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Doctors Without Borders / MSF


We are an international medical humanitarian organisation.




Things you should know

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Climate Crisis

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This is hugely important for anyone in #Honduras who could become pregnant. With no access to safe abortion care and high rates of violence against women, the emergency contraception pill is a chance to have a choice. #globalnews #thingsyoushouldknow  created by Doctors Without Borders / MSF with Doctors Without Borders / MSF's original sound
Replying to @spicybean Sanitation is a big part of humanitarian medical work to fight outbreaks. MSF's Avril Benoît explains what we've been doing in displacement sites around Goma. #healthtok
Replying to @ryancrand 🌪❗️Cyclone Freddy is one of the deadliest events in Malawi's climate history to date. Entire villages have been engulfed by landslides and mudslides. Flash floods caused by torrential rains have washed away houses, bridges and roads.

Tens of thousands of people in some of the country's southern districts now find themselves cut off from access to health facilities, which have either been destroyed or are no longer reachable due to the cyclones impact on the road networks. #cyclonefreddy #climatechange
Follow a #dayinthelife of outreach manager, Kira, and his team in eastern Ukraine as they distribute blankets, meet with the local community to help rehabilitate their shelters, and as they look for new locations to host mobile medical clinics. #ukraine #doctorswithoutborders #eastukraine
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