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DNA My Dog


Dog DNA tests that connect the dots for a deeper bond 🐶 #DNAMyDog

🐾 All paws on deck! The last group of adoptable pups in the Parade of Pitties are from the Scott County Dog Rescue in Winchester, IL, Lucky Mutts in Dripping Springs TX, and the @Bixby Animal Rescue Network in Tulsa, OK.

Scott County Dog Rescue, Winchester, IL

🐶 Archie: Archie is about
3 1/2 years old, great in the house, and great with people he knows and trusts. He can be a bit wary of strangers and needs people that are willing to take the time and effort to win him over. He loves playing fetch and splashing/lounging in the kiddie pool. He doesn’t care for cats and while he does fine with an appropriately behaving female dog - he isn't a fan of other big males.

🐶 Sarge: Sarge is an incredible
dog who had a rough start in life - but he's turned into the nicest boy ever (as long as you aren't a cat!). He’s got lots of energy and he is a very willing learner. He is about 3 years old and would do best in a home with older children and/or another active dog.

Bixby Animal Rescue Network

🐶 Mr. Clark: Meet Calrk,
a curious, gentle boy who was given a rough start to life and is looking for his forever home. This sweet boy was brought in weighing just 35 pounds and with evidence of a home-done ear cropping. Having recently been given a clean bill of health, Mr. Clark needs a safe, loving home where he can continue blossoming into the wonderful dog he is.

🐶 Deonte: Deonte is a sweet,
playful boy who never ceases to make his people laugh. Everything is a toy to Deonte! This happy-go-lucky pup was recently DNA tested and is 100% American Pit Bull Terrier. He is great with kids but would prefer to be the only pet in the home. Deonte is a true family dog and isn’t loving life in boarding. Will he be the next addition to your pack?

Lucky Mutts:

🐶 XO: This handsome boy is
Xo, an 8-year-old terrier mix with the sweetest, happiest disposition. He loves to be with people and enjoys the company of smaller dogs. He is a very quiet boy, and you will very seldom hear him bark. This smart boy is house and crate trained and knows basic recall and commands. XO would do great being the solo dog in the home or have a smaller canine companion. He may look intimidating, but this sweetheart will never cease to make you smile!

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🐶The Parade of Pitties is almost over! Check out these wonderful dogs available for adoption at the Mylo Foundation in Milton, FL. Let’s help them find their forever families!
🐶 Blitz: Blitz is about 10-12 months old and is very much a puppy still. He has lots of energy and acts like a big ham when he plays. He LOVES to give hugs but is being taught not to jump up without permission.
🐶 Bo: Bo is a 2-year-old boy who is dog friendly and loves to run and play on the yard and enjoys special treats. He’s looking for a safe, loving place to overcome his fears and learn to trust people again. Bo needs a home that can continue to give him the space he needs while also working to interact with him and help him gain trust. He would love to be in a home with another dog.
🐶 Ace: Ace is a 4-year-old Border Collie/Staffy who has been looking for his forever home for over three years! Ace is great with people and loves children of all ages. He has anxiety around other dogs and would do best as the only pet. Don't tell anyone but Ace secretly loves all his stuffed animals and soft bed - He cuddles with them every night!
🐶 Sheldon: Sheldon is a 3–4-year-old American Staffy. He is dog friendly and housetrained and LOVES to cuddle. He has never had a test he didn't like. Sheldon has been in and out of foster care for over two years and we really aren't sure why he gets overlooked.
🐶 Benny: Benny thought he found his forever home last year but was returned after his dad's work schedule changed. Benny is a very sweet, smart boy. He loves walks, playing in the water, and being tucked in with his toys.
Ready to add a new member to your pack? You can apply to adopt any of these sweet pups at: jotform.us/gcurgents/mylo
#dnamydog #pitbullappreciationmonth #adoptashelterdogmonth #pitties #pitbullsoftiktok #paradeofpitties #mylofoundation
🐕Next up in the Parade of Pitties are these wonderful pups from Heart and Soil Dogs in Branch Lahave, NS.
Order a DNA or Allergy test using Heart and Soil Dog’s unique affiliate link and donate directly to the dogs in their care! https://dnamydog.com/?affiliate=70
🐶 Star & Krypton: This dynamic duo of 5-year-old boxer mixes have recently found themselves in need of a home, after the loss of their owner. This bonded pair must remain together, but that just means twice the love! Krypton loves playing in the water and Star is an agility pro and snuggle bug. Both walk very well on leash and are friendly with people of all ages – babies and toddlers included!
🐶 Babes: Babes is a 6-month-old girl and a Bully Breed through and through. Seized from her home for nothing other than BSL, this sweet girl has a wonderful disposition and is a true love bug. She loves digging and exploring nature and enjoys the company of her people and would enjoy a home with canine companion, too!
🐶 Niko: This 2-year-old American Staffy/ Bully Breed is a man in need of a job! Niko has been undergoing some rigorous training since taking his role of protector a little too far and has been excelling in his classes. He is a truly good dog who is in need of a safe, loving family to continue his training and show him that life is good. He is a wonderful hiking companion and loves going on adventures.
🐶 Brutus: His name says it all! This 1-year old American Staffy/ Bully Breed boy is motivated, compact in size, and leash trained. He bonds very closely with his people and has proven to very a very clever pup. He had a rough start in life and is looking for some loving people to bring him into their pack. Brutus wants you to know he isn’t a fan of country music, and doesn’t care much for other animals in the home.
#dnamydog #pitbullappreciationday #pitbullappreciationmonth #adoptashelterdogmonth #pitties #pitbullsoftiktok #paradeofpitties #heartandsoildogs
The Parade of Pitties continues with this adorable bunch of adoptable dogs from the @Mary S. Roberts PAC in Riverside, CA. Will one of these fabulous pups be the next addition to your pack?🤔💕
Order a DNA or Allergy test using MSRPAC’s unique affiliate link and donate directly to dogs in their care! https://dnamydog.com/?affiliate=16
🐶 Diamond: Meet Diamond, the exuberant and social canine who brings excitement and energy wherever she goes. With her playful nature and boundless enthusiasm, Diamond is always ready to engage in fun-filled activities and spirited playdates with other dogs. If you're looking for a dog who's both social and full of zest, Diamond is the perfect choice to add vibrancy to your days.
🐶 Ginger: She may not be a Pittie, but we couldn’t resist sharing this sweet girl! Ginger is a vivacious canine with a heart of gold. Her warm and welcoming nature makes her a social butterfly with both dogs and humans, embracing them with boundless love. Despite her energetic spirit, Ginger transforms into a gentle walker, embodying the perfect balance between liveliness and serene companionship.
🐶Abby: Abby is the perfect walking companion who loves going on adventures. With an abundance of love to give, she's always seeking affection and cuddles from her human companions. Abby's busy bee nature keeps her on the move, as she loves to run around and explore her surroundings. Whether it's a leisurely walk or a spirited playtime, Abby brings joy to every moment.
🐶 Cali: Cali is a spirited and energetic companion who lives life to the fullest. With boundless energy and an adventurous spirit, Cali is always ready to embark on exciting journeys. Cali's playful nature brings a sense of joy and liveliness to any environment, making her the perfect companion for those seeking an active and engaging furry friend.
🐶 Taz: Taz is a laid-back, joy-filled canine with a spirit of curiosity and adventure. This easygoing pup's favorite pastime is exploring the world around him and his love for belly rubs showcases his affectionate nature. If you're seeking a furry friend who's both adventurous and loving, Taz is the perfect companion for you!
#dnamydog #pitbullappreciationday #pitbullappreciationmonth #adoptashelterdogmonth #pitties #pitbullsoftiktok #msrpac
🐕‍🦺The Parade of Pitties marches on with some adoptable Pibbles from @finalfrontierrescueproject in Georgetown, TX.

🐶 Apolla: Apolla is a wiggly 5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier who enjoys the comfort of routine. She's had a couple of rough patches in life but has blossomed in her foster home. She loves car rides more than just about anything, though being a couch potato is up there, too. Apolla is a wonderful, easy girl. She's happy hanging out while you work, and she is a great companion.
🐶 Beau: Meet beau, a sweet American Staffy/ Pit Bull Terrier mix who loves exploring on a long line and wading in the pond. He's a wonderful adventure buddy! He has lived happily with other dogs and is pretty easy and flexible about the kind of home that would be a good fit.
🐶 Shaq: Meet Shaq! A sweet, one-year-old Black Mouth Curr looking for his forever family – ideally outside of Texas. Shaq is very athletic--he doesn't walk or run down stairs but leaps! He bonds very quickly with people who show him love and affection.
🐶 Tyler: Tyler is the whole package - Smart, kind, and INCREDIBLY handsome to boot! Tyler is a year old, about 55-60 pounds, and very loving and energetic. This boy is SMART! He would love to do agility or some kind of sport. Tyler would love a home with a fenced yard and a family of adults or older kids who are experienced with energetic dogs.
🐶 Martini: Martini is a smart, silly, affectionate dog. Although she’s about 65-70 pounds, she thinks she's a lap dog! She's very gentle when taking treats and is a wonderful co-pilot on car rides. Martini would prefer a home outside of Texas. We will work with an approved adopter to arrange transport.
🐶 Ty: Ty has made so many friends since he arrived at Final Frontier, yet he still awaits his forever home. Ty is a sweet, friendly boy with a traumatic past - he was horribly mistreated by his previous owner, but the staff and volunteers worked with him to help him feel safe and comfortable and now he needs a new family who will do the same. Ty is house trained, loves hanging out with his people, sunning himself in the yard, and going for car rides. On a recent trip to DQ, he enjoyed a pup cup, and he even waited for permission to help himself! What a polite pup!
🐶 Champ: Meet Champ, a super sweet senior Boxer/ Terrier mix who’s looking for is forever family! Champ is around 7 years old, neutered, and up to date on his shots. He has shown interest in and interacted calmly with two other senior male dogs as well as cats. Champ loves going on walks and smelling all the things and his droopy pittie lips will never fail to make you laugh. Help give his boy a proper home to live out his golden years being cherished and loved!
🐶 Kimmie: Kimmie is a darling 3-year-old girl with the cutest underbite you'll ever see! She is sweet, fully housebroken and loves to cuddle. She is happy to take a quick lap to get the zombies out and then go back to being your perfect 50-pound lap dog. Kimmie had a rough start in life when she was abandoned on the side of the road after giving birth. Let's help Kimmie find the loving home she deserves!
🐶 Baji: It’s a mixed blessing to be this cute! Baji is adorable but this little guy needs a very special home. True to his breed’s nature, Baji has some OCD tendencies. He's on fluoxetine (doggy Prozac) and it is helping, but he still has some work to go. For that reason, he needs a very savvy pet parent, an adults-only home, and a fenced yard where he can play off-leash. The good news is, he's very dog social and loves to play! #dnamydog #adoptashelterdogmonth #pitties #pitbullappreciationday #pitbullappreciationmonth #finalfrontierrescueproject #pitbullsoftiktok
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