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Whew! September was busy! Still, I managed to squeeze in a few reads - of which two were loooong books. And I hit my Goodreads reading goal. Yay.

I'm really enjoying the lightheartedness of The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. The third book,
Crazy Stupid Bromance, is a friends-to-lovers romp featuring a golden retriever hero, enough family drama to make you want to hug your parents and hilarious cat related comedy.

I picked up Assistant to the Villain by Hannah Nicole Maehrer because the name intrigued me. Then I learned it was a Tiktok sensation. There is a morally grey main male character and I like to think of it as a mafia romance but set in a magical realm. A lot happens in this long book. Warning: there is a huge (and unexpected) cliff hanger and lots of unanswered questions that will have me pondering until the sequel comes out in 2024.

Mile High by Liz Tomforde was a hockey romance recommendation from @thea She's a fan of thick books and this one has 50 chapters of family drama, a playboy who has more going on than meets the eye and a slow burn full of banter. The found family aspect, both for the characters and the rescue dogs added a charming level to this insta-attraction romance book.

My buddy read this month was The Long Game by Elana Aramas. If you are a fan of Ted Lasso, this might be your jam. The grumpy ex-soccer player gave me serious Roy Kent vibes in this enemies to lovers, small town, slow burn romance.

Comment with a book you read in September I should add to my TBR.

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Is it just me or did it seem like August just slipped away? I spent some time reading by the lake.

First up was the uber popular Fourth Wing. Think I'm still processing the end. Not the end end, but the events of the last battle. (That is not a spoiler, this book is full of battles, physical and mental) Quite the ride in this book and Rebecca Yarros keeps up an almost breathless pace that had me zipping through the book.

Tried one of Colleen Hoover's earlier books, Slammed. The story kept moving for the most part and held a few twists, all against the backdrop of poetry. One of the things I like about Colleen Hoover is her characters are always a little off center. Makes them feel real to me.

Zach is a love story told as diary entries. Written by well-known audiobook narrator Chris Brinkley, the romance unfolds over a year and is only seen through the eyes of the male character. I'm not sure we even know the female character's name. It's a quick hit and best listened to - for obvious reasons.

Sign me up for season tickets to
@ruby rana new series. Snap Shot is the authors debut novel. This hockey romance is stuffed full of locker room hijinks, steamy sex-capades and witty banter that had me turning the page for more. Landon is a worthy cinnamon bun hero and I really want to be best friends with Indi.

Even though the nostalgia was high with Every Summer After (I had a cottage in the Muskoka's in my youth and have just returned to the area) I don't think that biased me on a great romance book. The writing is beautiful, the characters are layered and complex and the story is full of angst and satisfying. Another reviewers said "It's not summer without a Carley Fortune book" and I completely agree.

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center reverses the roles and gives us a female bodyguard hired to protect a male movie star. Fake dating is taken to a new level in this book, both with forced proximity and the actor personality. Jack is another cinnamon roll character and Hannah is a bit hard to like at first but quickly becomes a character you are routing for

Comment with a book you read in August I should add to my TBR.

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Despite being super busy with a book conference, I snuck in 8 books. Thank the airplane ride for the extras.

Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover was part enjoyment and part research. I read the short novella to gain insights on how to build emotions in a short timeframe for a project I'm working on. Can you say romance anthology?

After meeting Tessa Bailey a few months ago and getting my copy of Secretly Yours signed, I had to add Unfortunately Yours to my bookshelf. (I hope to get it signed someday as well.) This marriage of convenience story was packed with emotions and was true Tessa.

Easy by Tammara Webber has been on TBR for too long. Why did I not pick up this book earlier. Although it has a subject matter I don't typically like to read, the slow burn between the main couple drew me in and was so worth it.

Speaking of slow burns....have you read Debbie Cromack? Author of beautiful romance stories, I was lucky to ARC read Someone to Watch Over Me and I wanted more! Someone Exactly Like Me delivered with a sizzle to steam lovestory.

If Ali Hazelwood writes it, I read it. Sometimes twice. This was my second read of The Love Hypothesis and it was well times as Olive and Adam have a cameo in Love, Theoretically. Technically so does Bee from Love on the Brain. Love, Theoretically had me glued to the book and I binged it in less than two days. Yeah, no writing got done....

And, since I had to proof read Crushes, Friends, & Us by Willa Drew (the pen name for myself and my co-author Gala Russ) I got to read my own work. This romance book has one of my favourite grand gestures.

Tell me about what you read in June

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