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D.I.Y. Defense


Be prepared, not scared. Self-Defense & Safety Gear 內 FREE Training + Resources

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. An excellent example of what to do in the event of an active shooter courtesy of the FBI.  We hate that we even need to post about this topic, that this is even a concern, but after reading the FBIs 2022 Active Shooter report I feel sick. How can some so casually take the lives of others? 朮  We hope you are never forced to survive an active shooter, but just in case the best thing you can do to ensure your survival is to be prepared, by knowing what steps to take to assure your safety.  We cant not share this video enough as it could save a life or many. Please share with your loved ones.  #activeshooter #personalsafety #activeshooters #safetytips #survivethekiller #survival #fbi  #schoolshootingneedtostop #massshootingsneedtostop  created by D.I.Y. Defense with D.I.Y. Defenses original sound
When a tragedy makes your video go viral 唐唐 it hurts.

#Praying for all victims of the Allen, Texas Mall shooting and their families When I posted the FBIs active shooter training video Friday, I had no clue what would unfold less than 24 hours later. Im heartbroken for those involved and for our entire nation as these mass casualty events have become our new normal. Absolutely NOTHING about mass murder should be normal.

We need to do better.

#activeshooter #personalsafety #safetytips #survivethekiller #massshootingsneedtostop #survival #schoolshootingneedtostop #massshootingawareness
Replying to @amandabb25 Great question! Striking points are universal regardless of gender. Any of these target points will be effective for self defense against humans in general. #selfdefense #119selfdefense y #tiktokselfdefence #martialarts #selfdefence_technique #selfdefensetraining #womensselfdefense #womensselfdefence #diydefense
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