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Digital Eclipse


We give gaming's history the respect it deserves.

#Atari50 Easter Egg: Hit the R button in Touch Me on Switch. ;)
#Atari50 is out now! An interactive documenatry where 100+ playable games illustrate gaming history. It's an Anniversary Celebration like no other.
Quadratank reimagines #Atari classics Combat & Tank into an upgraded 4p battleground, only in #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration -- out 11/11
100 games, 50 years, 7 platforms -- #Atari50: Anniversary Celebration is just a week away, a playable documentary of video game history. Preorder now!
VCTR-SCTR comes out next Friday, as part of #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration. Play tethered with a friend...if you're up to the challenge.
The bricks are back -- Neo Breakout reimagines an #Atari classic. Play it next week in #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration, out 11/11
The #Atari 2600 classic Haunted House gets new environments, gadgets & co-op play in Haunted Houses -- plural! -- in #Atari50 Play it next week!
Producer Faran Thomason talks #atari Jaguar then & now in our interactive documentary #Atari50: The Anniversary Celebration, coming this November.
Tempest feels great in #Atari50 with Atari’s Wireless Classic Joystick — the stick is also a spinner!
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