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Omo Oyá🌪Apetebí🌈Producer: NEGRO Docu-series Radio Caña Negra✨AfroLatinx Travel



@Javier Wallace and I chat about our research, observations and lived experiences in our classes and we do cut up! For reference, I am citing white U.S. linguist John M. Lipski. In this conversation we also mentioned antiblack bias as part of the reason Caribbean Spanish has been degraded—then co-opted for profit. One class remains in our course, May 10th 6pm EST, and you can also purchase the recorded classes.
“What are the material consequences of Mestizaje?” @Javier Wallace asks. We went over a few in our class Mestizaje Myths. Join us for the remaining classes this May 3rd, May 8th, May 10th and May 18th 6-8pm EST!
@blackaustintours urgently invites us all to trouble the dominant narrative around “mestizaje,” nationalism, symbols and dogma around Latin American origin stories and nation-building. Most often it is incomplete and antiblack. Join us tonight for our class “WTF Is Latin?” recordings of classes can also be purchased.
Our upcoming books for our book chats. Join by filling out the book club form via link.
March 21st- 7pm EST
NOTE: These are two books! Letters to My Mother and Old Dog by Teresa Cardenas - facilitated by me!
March 28th - 7pm EST
Racial Innocence: Unmasking Latino Antiblack Bias and the Struggle for Equality - facilitated by Victoria Hernandez,
April 4th- 7pm EST
These Ghosts Are Family by Maisy Card -facilitated by Janvieve Williams Comrie
April TBA 7pm EST
Miriam at the Metropolitan by Miriam Tlali facilitated by Kleaver Cruz —this book is a companion to Carolina Maria de Jesus’ book “Child of the Dark.”
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