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Elizabeth Ward


Maternal wellness advocate who dances poorly & might make you cry Moms Matter


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Are you a highly sensitive empath or someone who’s lived through traumatic or manipulative relationships?

I used to think I was just more empathetic than others. I just cared more.

Turns out I was conditioned to care more ‘cause if I didn’t, life would be made harder for me.

One of my main goals at a mom is to make sure my children feel safe to feel & express themselves without fear of my reaction. They are not responsible for me. It is not their job to regulate me. They should not live in fear of me.

Do we need to teach our kids to be aware of how their actions impact others & build compassion? Of course.

But there’s a fine line between that & conditioning our kids to take on responsibility for our feelings & subsequently the feelings of everyone in every room they walk into as their life progresses.

I’m working on my people pleasing, but let me tell you, it’s work. It’s not work I want my kid’s to have to do either.

#motherhood #parenting #highlysensitiveperson #empath #traumahealing #peoplepleasers
We are tired of the double standards and I for one have been feeling them a lot lately.

My kindness has been taken advantage of.
My leadership has been undermined.
My trust has been broken, I have been taken advantage of and then gaslit into thinking it’s my fault.
My worth has questioned.

As a mom, as a business owner, as a friend, as a daughter, as a woman… it sometimes just feels like it’s never enough. But we are enough.

And it’s not just men who do this to women. It’s other women too. I am no longer surprised by how other women tear each other down.

When I saw
@Barbie Movie for the first time earlier this summer I left feeling so seen as a woman and while it continues to be hard, the camaraderie and empowerment that movie has given us as women I believe to be one of the most special things to come out of 2023.

There’s lots of us who are committed to making things better for women and standing in confidence about who we are and what we are about. Let’s not stop. I do think we are getting somewhere. But holy hell it’s hard.

Thanks for the gifted @Dyson
Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete which may or may not be completing my life. YOU CAN DO SO MANY THINGS WITH IT AND I AM JUST GETTING STARTED.

#gifted #dysonairwrap #thebarbiemovie #gloriasspeech #motherhood #womanhood #GRWM #hairthings #womenempowerment #womensworth #feminism #feministmom #momtruth #yearofthebarbie #momsgetit
#stitch with @Mario Mirante The irony of how triggered this guy and so many others get when a mom is triggered is not lost on me. Screaming at our kids for wanting our attention is unhealthy, yes. Childless adults Screaming at the internet or at moms for not “being good ones” is also unhealthy. When you aren’t caring for kids 24/7 you get to do what you need to do to deal with your mental health and the other stresses in your life. Parents, don’t. Say what you want but if you have no lived it you do not and can not understand. If we want to see others do better, it starts with us. Shame never creates sustainable change. We can hold people accountable and point out the need for change while also having empathy at the same time. I promise you that yelling at the internet is not going to make one mother less stressed or more capable of carrying the unbearable load of motherhood. Especially during the difficult times so many are facing right now. We need big systemic change, and a lot of it. #cyclebreaker #parenting #conciousparenting #perfectmothermyth #motherhood #overstimulatedmom #cyclebreakers #traumahealing #momsgetit #parentingishard #honestmom
⬇️Why you should go to Michigan

It’s entirely underestimated.


As parents, we really needed to get away to recharge for a few days and honestly there are only so many times we can visit the same places near where we live. So when we started looking into the options, we were surprised to learn how many great things Michigan has to offer. 
1. Detroit has so much. Restaurants, culture, nightlife, sporting events, live music, Belle Isle and other pretty places to hike & spend outdoors. Seriously, whatever you are into, you will find something. I will certainly be going back- especially for the live Piano Bar. Yes I sang at it. Oh and @SoakSpaDet, just divine. 
2. Michigan’s Thumbcoast region along Lake Huron just feels like home, but with so much more to offer. There were so many sweet beach towns with shopping, restaurants, outdoor activities, water sports and plenty more to enjoy at a slower space. 

 Even though Greg and I went with the intention of rejuvenating- which we did- I left thinking I would come back again to do that AND also to come for a fun girls trip or a family getaway. 
Whether you’re looking for quiet natural beauty or vibrant cities, there is a lot to find in Michigan.

Follow @puremichigan for more inspiration.
Goodness me I am grateful to relax and recharge once in a while.

Anyone else?

@puremichigan @visitdetroit @discovertheblue.mi.thumbcoast #VisitDetroit #DepicttheD #downtowndetroit #PureMichigan #DiscoverTheBlueWaterArea #ThumbCoast #DiscoverPortAustin #DiscoverPortHuron #MarineCityMichigan #LexingtonMI #StClairMichigan  
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