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Cloudy cats by instagram.com/happy_aiccidents
„What I wanted: people fleeing from a giant cat cloud
#absolutemayhem2023 hosted by @nickocreates.ai - what I got: image 2, 4 and 6 are the people fleeing in terror 😳😂 not quite… so I tried a few other prompts and got a collection of more or less cloudy cats… 🐈☁️🤷‍♀️“

#midjourney #aigenerated #midjourneyartwork #generatedwithai #aicreation #aigeneratedimages #createdwithmidjourney #aiart #catlife #cloudy #digitalart #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_world #aicats

short bio:
My name is Kathrin Janata and I work as a graphic designer in advertising. I also have a background in photography and have always had a love for surreal photo creations. I’ve been dabbling in AI generated images for the past 6 months and find this technology incredibly fascinating. At the moment my life evolves around my toddler daughter who keeps me busy after work so I use midjourney as a creative outlet when she’s asleep.
"Capturing the Spirit of Midnite: A Glimpse into Kooper's Thrilling Journey" https://www.instagram.com/midnite_on_mars/
For those unfamiliar with Kooper, prepare to be dazzled by the experiences of a journalist and photographer who set off on a new life in Midnite, a bustling, vibrant city full of eclectic characters, intriguing customs, and stunning landscapes.
Midnite is a city that captivates its visitors, and Kooper was no exception. From the moment he arrived, the city's charm and allure pulled him in, igniting a desire to explore its every nook and cranny. Kooper quickly discovered the magnetic appeal of this city, where the perfect blend of familiarity and exoticness could be found at every turn.
One of the most remarkable experiences Kooper encountered was the Celebration of the Rabbit. During this unusual and enchanting event, the wild rabbits of Mars come into town, offering an opportunity for people to stroke and feed them chocolate. Kooper also embarked on a spiritual journey, joining a traditional pilgrimage in the desert, where he marveled at the beauty of people in their customary attire against the breathtaking desert backdrop.
Kooper's passion for street photography took on new life in Midnite. As he wandered through the city, his camera in hand, he captured moments that showcased the heart and soul of the city. He met and interacted with fascinating individuals like Alice, the dog groomer, Eisha, an artist with a penchant for meaningful conversations, and Laura, the Aura Drawer who opened his eyes to the mysticism that permeated the city's air.
Art and fashion are undeniably intrinsic to Midnite's cultural fabric, and Kooper fully immersed himself in the scene. He attended fashion events, rubbed shoulders with stylish locals, and enjoyed live music and performance art. From the energetic Isha Twins' performance to late-night parties and peculiar local customs, Kooper embraced it all.

#midjourney #ai #aiartcommunity #aiart #narrative #generativeart #writer #midjourneyart #midjourneycommunity
Fast & furious: pink edit by @Henryk.ai @henryk.studio {uncovering garages around the globe.} created using AI
Focussed on capturing the essence of the creative process rather than achieving perfection, Henryk's work can be described as intense and raw, where the gestural abstraction he uses draws the viewer in and invites them to feel. This is “painting on steroids… no limits set” according to Henryk. His 3D paintings aim to challenge your retinas to sing and your soul awaken. Fashion magazines, stylised interiors and colour schemes inspire Henryk, as well as the desire to explore the intersection between colour and dimension.
His process is one of intense focus and rapid decision-making, inviting the unknown into each piece and allowing the subtleties between the final outcome and choices made in the moment to excite him. The texture of his pieces is created through brutal, quick decisions about stroke and tools, resulting in works that are as in the moment as they are permanent.
Henryk's innovative and dedicated approach to his practice has earned him a reputation as a rising star in the art world. He has been featured in solo exhibitions and group shows both nationally and internationally, most recently having been exhibited in the lobby of Fouquet's New York, as well as showing with Tappan Collective, Los Angeles and Showroom-X, Perth. With clients based in Europe, the USA and Australia, Henryk continues to create works for high-profile clients who include Dannii Minogue and ex Harper's Bazaar fashion editor Kellie Hush. His work has been featured on popular Instagram account Highsnobiety well as other notable media outlets.
#Lamborghini #Porsche #Ferrari #pink #pinkcars #aicar #aicars #aiart #aiartist #aiartpink #pink #pinkpink #pinkpinkpink #carporn #pinkcar #pinkcars #fastcar #fastcars #pinkferrari #pinklamborghini #pinkporsche
Prospex Park - A retro suburb from an alternate future.
Instagram - @prospex_park
Website - www.prospexpark.com

Prospex Park is a digital portrait project by artist and creative director Rupert Cresswell.The artworks are all created using a mixture of AI generated imagery and photo-retouching. The portraits are an escapist fantasy, a celebration of color, fashion and individuality. Guest visitors to Prospex Park have included queer style icons Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows) and Casey Spooner (artist and former Fischerspooner frontman).

“As a British person who is new to living in Los Angeles, Prospex Park is a response to the sense of wonder and oddity that the city evokes in someone who is an outsider looking in.

The project originated naturally, with a visit to the LA landmark Canter’s Deli inspiring the creation of the first collection: “Diner Dates,” which features AI-generated portraits of diners from an imagined past (or perhaps future.)

This led me to consider a larger community beyond the diners, which inspired the creation of Prospex Park, a fictional suburban community explored through vibrant, AI-generated portrait collections.

Currently, the project consists of three collections, with more planned, that offer a commentary on the strange and diverse communities that exist in the real world.”

#midjourney #digitalart #portrait #prospex_park #aiart #aiartwork #aiartcommunity #aiartdaily #midjourneyart #midjourneyartwork #aiarttrend #aiartgenerator
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