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Kristy | DIY Home Projects


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One of my favorite #diyprojects is this green #accentwall or #featurewall
Color is: Freshly Cut Stems from Magnolia
My favorite #cleaninghack with the #bissellsteamshot this is an #amazonfind for the win!

#IKEAHack I gave this IKEA Hemnes Dresser a Makeover using @loctiteglue Ultimate Crystal Clear Construction Adhesive #Loctite2ndChance #LoctiteAmbassador {AD}
I gave my porch a #diypatiomakeover and added this #privacyfence this #diyporch and #privacywall gives so much shade and changed the whole #patiodesign
I gave my porch a #diypatiomakeover and added this #privacyfence this #diyporch and #privacywall gives so much shade and changed the whole #patiodesign
Dump to Designer! I rescued this bar cart from someone’s trash pile and gave it a second chance with @loctiteglue ! #loctiteambassador

This bar cart was missing a wheel and a shelf but I had an idea to save it from the landfill! I wanted a designer bar cart but didn’t want to pay the price so I created one myself!

I cut off the handles and used plywood to cut out a new top, and some thin strips to create slats for the sides and a door.

I glued everything on using Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control from Walmart! It even comes in new plastic free packaging! The no mess formula made it easy to attach my slats vertically with no drips or running and the easy side-squeeze bottle design gave me pinpoint accuracy for those small bars and slats!

I am so happy with the new modern design I gave this bar cart and the fact that I was able to reduce landfill waste and give this a second chance by upcycling with Loctite makes it even better!

Check out your local Walmart stores or Walmart.com to grab some Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control with their new sustainable plastic free packaging for your next upcycling project!

#loctitesecondchance #barcart  #diyhomeprojects #furnituremakeover
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