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Design Eat Repeat, Easy Baking


Creative & EASY recipes for the butter loving baker⭐️ . ⬇️ PRINTABLE RECIPES


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Consider me mind-blown... 🤯 No more annoying curling as you're trying to scoop cookies?! Yesss please.

@ReynoldsBrands just released this all-new Parchment Paper with Stay Flat Dispensing and it's a game changer to the baking world!

The box has a new reinforced panel that keeps it flat as you're dispensing and it's super easy to use with their simple TUCK, PRESS and PULL method.

Keep an eye out for it in stores & say goodbye to kitchen frustration!

#ReynoldsPartner #Baking #Cookies #Recipes #ParchmentPaper
WAFFLE BUTTER BOMBS! 🧇🧈💥 This is not a drill!! We’ve all heard of the recent butter board & butter candle trends but have you heard of butter BOMBS?! 👀💣

Yahhh I hadn’t either.

@Go Bold With Butter asked me to share my own creative spin on ‘em! 🍓🫐🧇

While I’m calling mine “Brunch Bombs,” @GoBoldWithButter is sharing more flavors and ideas to make them throughout the month over on the hashtag ➡️#ButterBomb

I mean, can you think of anything more amazing and fun and beautiful and genius? (I wish I thought of the idea, let’s be honest…)

⭐️ INGREDIENTS: Start with 1 stick (i.e. 1/2 cup) of real, softened butter. You need to use real butter vs. margarine so that it firms up and keeps its shape (and because the flavor of real butter has the best, irreplaceable flavor!). Mix in 1 teaspoon of maple syrup & ½ teaspoon cinnamon. Spread into 2” food-safe molds, freeze, then fill and seal. Store in fridge or freezer until ready to serve. One stick of butter will make 6-8 butter bombs.

So tell me in the comments…would YOU make a butter bomb?! ⬇️

I need everyone to say yes so that we can achieve world butter bomb domination 🏆 🌎

#GoBoldWithButter #BetterWithButter #Breakfast #WaffleRecipe #BrunchIdeas
Replying to @jennsb88 Fudgy cosmo cookies…but make it DAIRY FREE! ⭐️🧨 #CountryCrock #CountryCrockPartner | Recreate one of my most viral recipes using the @Country Crock Plant Butter and Plant Cream products! You *literally* can’t tell the difference in taste or texture, which I was honestly a little shocked by. Use it as a 1:1 swap in my regular recipe, just heat the Plant Cream for less time and store the cookies in the fridge to keep the topping firm! #dairyfreecookie #recipe #baking #browniecookie
Four words….S’MORE BROWNIE COOKIE BARS 🍫🔥 #tomepartner This recipe is the June Baking Challenge and this month, I created an interactive slideshow using @Tome walking you through the recipe *and* narrating the entire thing with tips and tricks for success! If you hate reading blog posts & generally learn better through video, I think you’ll love this format. It takes less than 10 minutes to “watch” the tome and you’ll learn everything you need to know to make these soft & gooey cookie bars! #cookierecipes #smorebars #baking #summerdessert
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