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Hybrid Athlete🏃‍♂️🏋🏻 Healthy lifestyle advocate 💪🌱 Derek@vtlzr.co

Marathon Prep - 3 Weeks - 3 Lessons:

Lesson 1: Building endurance like a pro with 80% Zone 2 runs! ⏱️
The bigger the base, the higher you can build. Zone 2 endurance runs are the foundation of marathon success. This speed and form of cardio prepares you for the long haul.
Zone 2 cardio is 60-70% of your max heart rate. The formula is 220 - AGE x (.6 & .7).

Lesson 2: Stretch: Pre & Post-run stretches for the win! 🧘‍♂️
Neglecting stretching can be a huge mistake. Pre-run stretches get your body ready for the run, and post-run stretching is essential to recovery.
This helps prevent injury and increase flexibility. 15 minutes before and after, you’re good to go.
When I was discussing how I neglected stretching, a buddy said, "You can run for 2 hours, but you can't stretch for 15 minutes?!?"

Lesson 3: Fueling up right with the perfect mix of calories, carbs, and electrolytes every day! ⚡️💪
Giving your body the fuel to keep going during marathon prep & weight training is an absolute necessity. Eating the right combination of calories, carbohydrates, and electrolytes gives you the energy to make it to the finish line.
LMNT, GUs, GM1 Sport, Gatorade Fit, and other performance drinks are great sources of electrolytes.
You don't want to miss out on the benefits of proper nutrition during race prep! And remember hydration is key. Keep your water bottle filled at all times! 💦
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