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Your natural lashes should ALWAYS be isolated before applying extensions. Here’s why ⬇️

Hygiene 🫧 Isolation prevents the lashes from sticking together — this helps maintain the cleanliness of each lash extension, reducing the risk of infection or irritation

Comfort 😌💗 Proper isolation ensures that the adhesive doesn’t come into contact with the your skin or other lashes, minimizing discomfort and allergic reactions

Retention 👀❕If your lash extensions are isolated, they will grow out straight with your natural lashes. Meaning you will have minimal premature loss and they will last longer!

Aesthetics 💁‍♀️✨ You won’t see any criss crossing of lashes — a well-isolated set of lash extensions looks more symmetrical and enhances the overall look, no matter which style you choose

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