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Fauzia Lala | 2x Blackbelt


I help women & teens eliminate stalkers, sexual harassment, bullying, and rape.


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How to text 911 - Part 2 #seattlepd #911dispatcher #911 #texting911 #calling911 #call911  #call911emergency #emergencycall #part2 #911dispatch #911 created by Fauzia Lala | 2x Blackbelt with Fauzia Lala | 2x Blackbelt’s original sound
First, I stopped seeing my gynecologist who just wanted to perform laparoscopy on me twice a year for the rest of my life. I saw 3 gynecologists - they were TOP in the country, but they didn't know WHAT CAUSED MY PCOS and they didn't know HOW TO HEAL FROM IT so that I never have to suffer cysts ever again.
Unfortunately, they didn't have the answers to either of those questions! What do they go to medical school for if they cannot find the cause and cure for an illness? Oh wait, I know ... medical school is sponsored by BIG PHARMA so what they learn in school is what makes PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY LOTS OF MONEY.
Prescription pills and surgery. That's it.
My naturopathic doctor sat down with me for TWO HOURS in our first meeting. Yes, you heard that right. Which doctor or therapist or coach or anyone sits down with you for THAT LONG to understand THE ROOT CAUSE of your physical health issue and how to heal?
If you're interested in learning the details of what we found, what herbs and natural medicines I took, let me know in the comments below. Type "full story" and I'll make a long version of the video. I'm keeping this video short just in case you're not interested in learning all these details.
The second and most important step to my journey was MENTAL HEALING. My therapist told me that 90% of those who have PCOS have suffered sexual abuse as a child or as a teen or even sometimes harassment or assault as an adult. I don't know where she got this data from. I couldn't find it online.
So she did EMDR to find THE ROOT CAUSE of my disempowerment which led to my childhood trauma story
Full story and training is here: defenseninjas.com/women. Also in the LINK IN BIO.
#trauma #womenempowerment #pcos #pcostreatment #emdrtherapy
To all the survivors of sexual abuse and childhood trauma, I want you to know that you are not alone. I have suffered in my own ways (a story I am not comfortable sharing on social media, but I have in my private masterclass for women - LINK IN BIO). My story is different and because it’s not a “normal story” there’s a sense of fear and shame in sharing it. “What if people don’t accept this as sexual abuse?” “What if I am judged”?

Just know this. The pain and trauma you have experienced is real, and it is valid. But I also want you to know that you are so much more than your trauma. You are a fighter, a survivor, and a beacon of hope for others who may be going through similar experiences.

It takes immense strength and courage to overcome the pain and darkness of sexual abuse and childhood trauma, but you have done it. You have taken the necessary steps to heal and move forward, and that is something to be celebrated.

Remember that healing is a journey, and it’s okay to take it one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself, and know that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Surround yourself with people who uplift and support you, and who understand the complexities of healing from trauma.

You are a warrior, and your journey towards healing and self-discovery is a testament to your resilience and strength. Keep shining your light and inspiring others with your courage and bravery. You are loved, valued, and cherished.

Follow us for tips on healing and empowerment 👊

#survivor #healing #mentalhealthawareness #sexualabuse
Are you worried that you or your teen maybe stalked online and that the stalker may follow you home and hurt you? Here are the steps you csn take to be safe:

1. Go to your social media app settings and make sure you remove private information. Don’t post any personal information that gives away where you live, work, or hang out alone at.

2. Go into your phone’s location settings and disable “allow location access” under camera. This way, your photos or videos won’t have the metadata (inside information) on where it was taken.

3. Intuition is your best friend. If you feel something is not right, then listen to it and get to safety. Also, look around and observe the world around you. Too many of us are buried in our phones while walking or commuting that we don’t notice people staring at us or other strange behaviors. LOOK and OBSERVE both.

4. Even if you notice something is wrong, you may not have the confidence to act strong and confidently to prevent a follower or potential attacker from attacking. So build up your inner confidence and esteem so that it’s easier to speak up when it matters the most - that is BEFORE YOU ARE ATTACKED. Too many of us tolerate harassment in silence and don’t have the courage to stand up for ourselves like a powerful being.

5. Once you have built your inner confidence, don’t stay quiet. Confront the person who is behaving inappropriately with you. Attackers only attack teenagers or women who LOOK LIKE A VICTIM so make sure you look like and speak like someone no one would dare mess with.

Follow us for more tips on how to build your confidence and prevent stalkers in 30 days!

#saam #stalker #personalprotection #safetytips
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