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Defense recorder


The dash camera for people. Record the unexpected with Defense Recorder.

Record the unexpected with Defense Recorder. The only Dash Camera for people.
Reflecting on the recent news surrounding the incident involving a White hospital worker in NYC and a group of Black youth in a dispute over a Citi rental bike.
The audio recording of the altercation holds a few key takeaways about the incident:
- First and foremost, it's important to note that the audio captures only a portion of the entire altercation. We don't have a complete understanding of how long this dispute had been ongoing before the video started. Defense Recorder would have provided a full account of the entire incident from beginning to end.
- Even without video footage, the audio recording offers valuable insights into the situation and the actions of those involved. Such a timeline can be crucial for conducting a thorough investigation.
- If the individuals involved had utilized Defense Recorder, they could have presented the audio-recorded evidence of their rental bike purchase before the lady got involved, potentially expediting the legal resolution of this case.

Disclaimer: This audio recording was not made using the Defense Recorder. We have excluded the video portion to emphasize the importance of audio recordings in incidents like these. And the information used in this analysis may not be exactly accurate to the real events that took place, but we have done our best to research the full and true story.
Defense Recorder is available for $3.99 a month on both, the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store
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Repost from @texaschancla As this attorney, who practices within texas puts it. Even in self defense, you will likely be taken to jail.
Defense recorder will help shorten your time behind bars. And help reinforce your claims in court. Regardless of who or what was around during the time of the incident.
#defenserecorder #recordtheunexpected #burdenofproof
Video captured by @realdailydrivenexotics a couple years ago of Houston Crosta being arrested for a relatively minor infraction. Although this was captured on video, if this were to happen to you, how would you be able to prove what happened? Do vou have a camera crew following you like houston luckily did?
#defenserecorder #recordtheunexpected #staysafe #traffic #trafficticket #dailydrivenexotics
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