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Deer and Sparrow 🇨🇭


Personalised Cards & Keepsakes |DeerAndSparrow.com | Etsy: DeerAndSparrowStore



✨Tools & Machines ✨

Missing in action - palette knife, tweezers, scrapper, ear defenders, sander, stapler, light box … I think that’s everything.

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From idea to finish ✨

Here’s a little snap shot of the creation of my Swiss chalet keepsake decoration.

The sketchbook part happened in February 2020. Then the design “rested” a while as I developed the “Snow Hugs” ornament for Christmas 2020. I picked this design up again in summer of 2021 and held it in my hand a few months later. 😀

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✨Big or Small ✨ Each order is greatly appreciated!

Each order, regardless of its size, helps my business to grow and you to connect with your nearest & dearest in a colourful, tactile and thoughtful way. 💌

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✨Planning✨ more Open Studio Days!

Fancy coming to my studio to have a wee look around, see where I work, eat some yummy food and maybe meet some new people? Sign up to my newsletter to be the first on the invite list! Link in comments.

The core of my business is connection and I love to encourage you to connect with your family and friends. I’ve loved doing this and it’s still my main thing but I also want to share my work and connect in a way that doesn’t involve screens.

I had one open day last October and loved it! This year I’m planning some more! I’ve got one planned for spring and one for autumn. So if you are interested in coming to see where I work and chat over some coffee and cake sign up to my newsletter, the invite will be going out in a few weeks time.

Studio- Weiningen ZH, Limmattal region. The studio is also accessible by public transport.

Cake by @a.perky.kitchen
Video by @Loubiblu | Easy kids crafts
Epic music choice by me cos it made me smile.

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✨Start the Day✨

☕️My work day begins with coffee.

📱Then I’ll post on here, sometimes I’m organised and have my post prepared, others times I don’t & sometimes I don’t like my prepared post!

📒Then I’ll see what’s happening that day in my lovely agenda by @monia_pyraki and @commonmodern

👩🏼‍🎨Then I’m off to the studio. It’s an easy walk from my house. I don’t often have the cart, maybe once a week as I’m still slowly moving stuff out of my apartment to the studio. The cart is handy when I need to bring work home with me. This cart is full of seconds that I wanted to photograph at home where the lights better. (Seconds Sale happening 1&2 April - sign up to my newsletter to get first look).

And that’s how my work day begins! How does your day begin?

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Tiny details are what started me on my collage work of ink, illustrations and text.

Alcohol ink painting have the most wonderful details and I want to share these details with everyone. I do this in two ways:

✨I scan/photograph the colours and details in a painting and combine with my illustration in a digital collages. The collage is then digitally reproduced onto wood and cardstock… for example the hot air balloon & fondue pot keyrings, mountain pin, puffin keepsake ornament and the teacher appreciation card.

✨The second way I share these tiny details is by using offcuts from painting and cutting up “play day” paintings. Which means that make goes out with a tiny artwork on it 🎉examples here are the two Mother’s Day cards.

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✨Brand Origin✨

I’ve always loved greeting cards… browsing, picking the perfect card, writing it, sending it. And, of course, receiving cards. Since my university days I’ve always wanted to have my cards in high-street shops and I’m (slowly) working my way towards that goal.

Over 20 years ago I started to make cards by hand. I loved making them, customising them to whatever occasion and tailoring them to the recipients tastes.

Whilst at art college I started working at a specialist paper shop. It was an Aladdin’s cave of paper and craft supplies. The shops main business soon became bespoke handmade wedding stationery and I was in my element. The excitement of the brides, the colour swatches, the themes & ideas! Often people wanted to make their own stationery so I’d teach them how to use and emboss with rubber stamps, to tear handmade paper with feathered edges and work how exactly how much of each type of paper and supplies they’d need. At other times people wanted us (the business) to make the invitations. This business won best stationery supplier for numerous years in a row.

I left because I moved to Switzerland, it was only meant to be a move for one year, but I’m still here. After many years of admin in Switzerland, job losses, battling post natal depression and much encouragement from my husband I started to make cards again. I found the joy that cards bring not only to the recipient but for me making them. Deer & Sparrow began over 5 years ago and has slowly unfurled to what you see today. There’s so much more I want to do…
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