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Deborah Balm


British Audiobook Narrator

So proud to be able to present to you two Pride & Prejudice variations by the brilliant L.L.Diamond.
This is books one and two in the series The Montford Cousins. I had such a lot of fun voicing the characters in these books. I reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones along the way.

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After a long separation, Elizabeth Bennet is off to spend Christmas in London with her grandparents, Lord and Lady Richmond, and her cousins, Nicholas and his sister, Amelia. While her grandmother is determined to see her spoiled with new gowns and the like, Elizabeth would prefer to play chess and shop for books with Nicholas and her grandfather and visit with her grandmother and Amelia. At Lady Vranes’s private art exhibition, Elizabeth happens upon the one person she hoped she would never see again, Mr. Darcy. Not only that, but her grandparents and cousins are well acquainted with him, his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and his young sister, Georgiana. How is she to behave around a man who finds her merely tolerable and made his disdain for her evident during his time at Netherfield? Moreover, what is she to do when he calls at Richmond House as a good friend of the family?

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a man torn. He has just realized that the Elizabeth Bennet he thought so unsuitable in Hertfordshire is, in fact, eminently suitable to be Mrs. Darcy and boasts of connexions that even his uncle, Lord Fitzwilliam, cannot fault. The only problem seems to be his behaviour in Meryton. Now, he must seek her forgiveness and attempt to court the only lady who has ever tempted him beyond reason. Will he be the gentleman who wins her heart? In the end, she will make her choice, all he can do is endeavour to be worthy.
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🎉 Hey, Audiobook Lovers! Big News Alert! 🎉
Guess what? Findaway Voices just dropped some major updates, and it's both exciting and game-changing! 🚀 Here's the scoop:
🔊 Marketplace Closure: Findaway Voices is evolving! They're closing down the Marketplace, but no worries! You've got until December 1, 2023, to wrap up your ongoing projects. Finish strong, folks! 🎧✨
🌍 Global Distribution Focus: Findaway Voices is shifting its focus to global distribution tools. That means they're putting all their energy into helping authors reach wider audiences worldwide. 🌐
✨ New Partnership Alert! Findaway Voices is teaming up with Kickstarter! Now, authors can crowdfund their audiobook dreams. It's a fantastic opportunity for creative collaborations! 🤝📚
But wait, there's more:
🎙️ Direct Collaboration: Authors and narrators, this is your time to shine! Findaway Voices won't be matching narrators anymore. Instead, authors can work directly with narrators to create amazing audiobooks. 🎤✨
🚀 Your Opportunity: Narrators, this is where you come in! This shift opens up a brilliant chance for us. We can offer top-notch, retail-ready audiobook productions directly to authors. Imagine the possibilities! 🎉💥
🌟 Flexibility for RH’s: Rights Holders, fear not! You still have the freedom to distribute through Findaway or explore other avenues like ACX or Spoken Realms. The audiobook world is your oyster! 🎶📖
Exciting times ahead, right? Let's embrace these changes, create fantastic audiobooks, and bring more stories to life! 🎤✨ Stay tuned for more updates and keep rocking those headphones! 🎧✌️

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