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David Kim, Esq.🦄 (he/him/his)


KA Millennial 🏳️‍🌈• Children’s Court Attny • Running for U.S. Congress CA-34

This is a former mother-client I represented and defended in children’s court. I put on a trial, made my argument, won, and got her entire petition and case dismissed.💪🏛️✨ I work as a children’s court attorney, representing and defending parents in children’s court – vulnerable parents and families of Los Angeles County whom the government and our systems have failed to support. Every day, I’m in children’s court fighting to keep families together, and don’t have the time and resources of the corporate-backed incumbent to do photo-ops and virtue signaling. And instead of helping families one by one, it’s time to help the thousands of families we’ve left behind in CA-34 and the millions of families left behind in the country due to the prioritization of corporate greed and short-term maximization of profits over the interests and wellbeing of the people. Poverty is killing our families, and we must stop turning a blind eye.

Join our team at DavidKimforCA.com!

#DavidKimforCongress #CA #Congress #District34 #Politics #CleanMoney #Candidate #Trial #Fyp
It’s time to end the past 40-50 years of Corporate-Centered Politics (aka “corruption” as @JenniferLawrence says) and start a new era of People-Centered Politics … take a listen … and also visit https://davidkimforca.com/platform to learn how we can. We must ban corporate PACs, implement democracy vouchers, ranked choice voting and more!

#politics #grassroots #corruption #congress
Replying to @David Kim, Esq.🦄 (he/him/his) Final part! I hope you all enjoyed our little series 🧡💙

Donate to our campaign: davidkimforca.com/donate 📣
Here are 7 lessons I’m learning right now.

Feel free to share what you’re learning too so that we can all grow, by commenting below!

7 current lessons I’m learning:

1. Try to listen and see where the other party is coming from, before thinking, judging, deciding and acting so you can have a more complete picture and response, if any, as you may be missing relevant information.

2. Compassionately parenting yourself is never talked about or commonly overlooked, but so essential and powerful towards living a life of freedom.

3. There are “good days” and “bad days”, and the “bad days” come easier when we learn to embrace ourselves in overflowing grace, affection and love those days.

4. Cleaning up your mental and physical spaces frees up more energy and allows it to flow more easily. Try it. It feels liberating. You can start by sleeping well, exercising daily, eating healthily, reorganizing where you live or work and going over your goals for the next day, the night before.

5. Once you realize that no one cares about what you say or do, life becomes so free.

6. While learning that I am responsible for my own triggers and emotional reactions, and not what someone says to me or does, no matter how innocent or awful they may be, I’m also learning that it’s fine to keep boundaries for my own perceived safety. No shame. ❤️

7. It’s ok to be gay :) (ofc, I know this but I’m really beginning to feel, “know” and accept this for myself, a pastor’s kid who came out to his parents 5 years ago) 🌈🤗
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