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Support for D4E mobilizes women-led climate action to protect the Earth. 🌍👇

Listen to @zainabsalbi passionately narrate the tale of the hummingbird —based on the African fable told by Wangari Maathai.

Indeed, if we all share the attitude of the hummingbird and do all we can to save Mother Earth, we can collectively mitigate climate change.

Join the movement now by clicking on the link below and watch the full story of the hummingbird effect here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRM9qzpIED8)!
#TheHummingbirdEffect #Daughters4Earth
Our Co-founder @zainabsalbi explains #TheHummingbirdEffect. Have a listen!

Join the movement by heading over to our website (link in bio) and signing up for our newsletters.

Every week, you will receive graphic novels that tell the inspiring stories of women rising up for Earth as well as tips you can take to make a difference.

🔗 https://daughtersforearth.org/
#TheHummingbirdEffect #Daughters4Earth
Our Co-founder @zainabsalbi will be speaking at the Food Forum during the 78th annual United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

Courtesy of @foreignpolicymagazine , the event brings together experts to explore innovative approaches to strengthening food security amidst complex global challenges, including fractured global supply chains, competition over water, deforestation, and climate change.

Register below:
#Daughters4Earth #OneEarth #StandUpForEarth #ClimateAction #ClimateActionNow
Wondering how you can eat right for yourself, for nature, and for the climate? Well, @oneearthofficial has developed a unique, simple and effective dietary approach —the Planetarian Diet for you!

What is bad for your body is also bad for the planet! This diet helps you cut your carbon footprint by up to two-thirds in the following ways:
🥬 Reducing meat consumption
🥗 Minimizing food waste through meal planning
🍠 Choosing local and seasonal foods

Click the link below to read more.
#EcoFriendlyTips #daughters4earth #OneEarth #StandUpForEarth #ClimateActionNow
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