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Dani Rodriguez


Inspiring you to explore life’s magic✨ Blogger & Influencer Bestie For you👀👇🏼



✨DETAILS IN CAPTION👇🏼 👉🏼Niche Down—Fashion, food, travel, whatever it may be, you need to find your “one thing.” Posting about too many things at once can confuse your audience. People want to go to your page for a specific reason, so find that “reason” and stick to it!  If niching down is hard, you can also focus your content around the type of person you want to follow you (Ex: 20-30 year old women who enjoy self care days and healthy eating). 👉🏼Post Consistently & Frequently—Honestly, posting once a week isn’t going to be helpful. Will ALL the different content that gets shared on a weekly basis, it’s too easy for your followers to forget about you. Posting content daily is preferred, but always make sure its quality content. 👉🏼Plan & Batch Content—Rather than create content on a whim, do yourself a favor and create in bulk! It’s not always feasible, but it can definitely lighten the load. And no one likes rushing to find something to post at the last minute. 👉🏼Stop Relying on Hashtags—Hashtags are a great tool, BUT if your content isn’t good, a hashtag won’t save you. Rather than focus on finding the right hashtags, just focus on creating better content consistently! I’m not saying don’t use them. They just shouldn’t be your only strategy. 👉🏼Engage Your Community—Good engagement will take you a lot further with your influencer career. When you focus on building an engaged community, it can be easier to land brand deals AND it can help you grow. 👉🏼Use Analytics—You need to understand your numbers and what content is bringing in the most eyeballs. Switch over to a creator account and start getting cozy with your analytics! See what videos people are watching all the way through and where they’re dropping off. #becomeaninfluencer #influencertips #ugccreator #contentcreatortips #influencerhelp #contentcreatorhelp #creatortips #socialmediatips #buildacommunity #instagramtip
Replying to @user309871500 What I wish I knew before becoming a full time influencer and travel blogger — here’s how to get started as an influencer. Feel free to leave questions in the comments! #howtobecomeaninfluencer #influnecertips #microinfluencertiktok #influencertipsandtricks #contentcreatortips #travelblogger #fulltimetravel
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