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Danielle Allard Music


Singer-Songwriter, Music Streamer, Community Builder & Dinosaur Enthusiast πŸ¦–

Here are some #chill Sunday #vibes. I hope you were looking to close your eyes and get hit with my patented Wall O' Harmonies (TM). Enjoy this #LiveLoop. . Full video: https://loom.ly/JZ-GHxY Help me make my next albums: patreon.com/danielleallard
Are you looking for #motivation? Join our #community of #musicians #artists & #makers who set #goals & #support each other! Our #motivational T-Rex Douglas is awe #inspiring. Join me #live now to join the #squad! twitch.tv/danielleallard
What is your favourite #acousticcover of a song? There are so many beautiful versions of this song online and beyond - I was grateful for the live learn challenge and I'm happy to add my rendition to the mix. . Full video: https://loom.ly/nfr2xYw Help me make my next albums: patreon.com/danielleallard
You're my favourite book. This #Stars tune is nostalgia for me. Sending love on this fine #Sunday & good thoughts for the week ahead! Full video: https://loom.ly/8DYDcis Help me live my dream for only $5: patreon.com/danielleallard
My goodness I love Snow Patrol. Here are some #calmvibes for your #SundayScaries. If you have $5 & want $25 of content, I have a #Patreon for you. Full video: https://loom.ly/TDVYqW8 Help me & get GIFTIES! patreon.com/danielleallard
It's officially been a whole month of posting daily. You may think I'm #tech savvy, but in reality I'm electromagnetic and break everything around me. Thank you all for walking down memory lane with me. Thank you all for being on this #adventure & making these #memories possible.
IT IS FINALLY HERE. THE SECOND INSTALLMENT IN OUR INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM! This is Tide. It was written live with our T-Rex #Patrons. The music is meant to mimic the calming #tide coming in and going out. Close your eyes and imagine the sand beneath your feet. Full video: https://loom.ly/6mFm54s Help me make my next albums: patreon.com/danielleallard
My power is out again...day 2...so it's like real life #Phasmophobia. Doors are my weakness in #game and also in real life. Living life by a flashlight. We've almost made it through a whole month of posting daily clips. Love to each and every one of you who keep me going. Thanks for watching, thanks for being a part of this journey, and thank you for being a light at the end of the tunnel in yet another power outage. We made it through the storm, we made it through some electrical fires. We are okay, and that is what I'm trying to focus on. . #twitch #gamer #phasmo #funny #horrorgames #gaming #howdodoorswork
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