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Replying to @Morgan Alexis ziggy sleeps inside every night, in all these videos the doors to the house are open and we are out with her - there have always been coyote sightings in the areas and never any problems but they have started coming closer and closer to everyones yards the past few months. sitting in your fenced backyard with your dog napping on the front door step is not animal abuse. after this happened at dusk we stopped letter out at that time(dusk or dawn). the video in color is when it happened in the middle of the day, when we typically never even see coyotes. we chase the coyotes away and throw rocks / slingshot to scare them away, i just ddint post that originally. we are looking into getting humane traps to bring the coyotes to a different area and have talked to animal control and other wild animal services. Ideally i would shoot a coyote if it eas messong with her but we live in a residential neighborhood. also buying bear urine for the perimeter hahah
Replying to @Marajino multiple have gone after her before 🥺 it used to only happen at dusk/dawn but now its happening in the middle if the day - also all the doors are open and everyone is home during both if these videos, ziggy just likes to nap outside in the fresh air
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