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Ely Mac


Wife & Mom of 3 dogs and 1 parrot. Diy is our favorite thing.



Thanks @stpdogtraining for coming to the rescue! Since I got Brandon all I heard was that his breed is hard headed and cannot be trained, I let those words get to me, but I wanted to prove “them wrong” I was doing a good job until Brandon was 10 months old and suddenly I had a reactive and aggressive dog , who wouldn’t listen and ran every chance he got, I started to get frustrated and I was passing that frustration on to him, I thought that was it and he was untrainable and everyone was right, I cried many nights because I failed, I got over my pride and reached the best trainer I know in Florida, Caio believed in him and eased my worries, now Brandon is his best version in just a couple of weeks, the journey is not over, he still has weeks of training, I can’t wait to see more progress.
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