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Dakota Daetwiler


🎨Painter and maker of all things magical🌈 🦞Maine🦞 ⬇️ Art Shop ⬇️


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"Aries" (Zodiac Series) - Painting by Dakota Daetwiler, 2023 - Oil on canvas.
Prints available here: www.Paintingsbydakota.com
The story of Aries gave me so much to work with, I have to say it was easy to make this piece beautiful. I love how she turned out so much! The story of Aries is: "Based on a golden ram of Greek mythology. Legend states that Aries, identified with a golden ram, rescued Phrixus and took him to Colchis where he sacrificed the ram to appease the Gods. Later, Phrixus, in the face of death was saved by a golden ram with wings which flew him to safety."
As you can see, I incorporated a lot of gold into this piece. I think the look on her face really identifies with Aries tough spirit, based on what I read Aries is a determined fighter who is also very self sacrificing. Her birthstones (March and April) are incorporated into her golden armor - Aquamarine and Diamond. Her birth month flowers are also incorporated into the piece in the bottom right and left corners, Daffodil and Daisy. The Aries constellation is above her, peeking through the shimmering golden ram's head. She looks like she is off to battle. I adore this painting, I hope I did Aries proud with this piece!
"Aquarius" (Zodiac Series) - Oil Painting by Dakota Daetwiler, 2023.
Prints available here: www.ArtistDakota.Etsy.com

I think she might be my new favorite! I tried to portray a lot of the great qualities of Aquarius: her peaceful and giving nature, kindness, friendliness and openness. Her constellation sits above her in the starry galaxy. Her hair is meant to resemble the cascading water pouring out of her water pitcher, which I decorated in a unique and intricate design (also signifying Aquarius's artistic side.) In her crown there are her two birthstones: amethyst and garnet. To the bottom left and right are her birth flowers: carnation and violet. She is made of lots of blues and purples, which I found really interesting because I painted her that way before realizing her flower and birthstone was also purple. I hope you enjoy my rendition of
#Aquarius !
(Side note, I also gave her a prominent "bump" on her nose, which I also have, and is one of my favorite facial features. I mention this because it's often a feature that people get removed with plastic surgery in our society... But I think it is so strong and beautiful on women especially!)
More about Aquarius:
Cupbearer or Waterbearer sign - Aquarius is said to have been captured by Zeus and and brought to Olympus to serve as cupbearer to the gods.
Aquarius is a captivating young woman born under the starry night sky. She possesses an insatiable curiosity and an unconventional approach to life. With her quick wit and brilliant intellect, she becomes a beacon of enlightenment, inspiring others and sparking the flames of change.
In the realm of the Zodiacs, Aquarius shines as a symbol of innovation, social progress, and the relentless pursuit of freedom and equality. Her story is one of inspiration and empowerment, reminding us to embrace our uniqueness and fight for what we believe in.

#Aquarius #DiamondArtClub #AquariusPainting #OilPainting #OriginalOilPainting #AquariusArtwork #Dakotathon #DetailedArtwork
Sorry I havent posted much lately. For those who dont know, I have #Lupus and it makes me extremely exhausted sometimes. Currently trying to push through and paint anyway but I am soooo tired. If you’re still here, thank you! Follow my whole zodiac series on FB if u still have it.
#Sagittarius #OilPainting is finally finished! this is the 5th of my #zodiacSeries . I love this series so far.
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