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ERIKA LYREMARK l Business Tips


Author, Think Like A Stripper FREE business resources👇🏻

Who’s worse than the grammar police? The imagination police.

You are an entrepreneur. A creative. An idea maker. So don’t give your power to the imagination police.

When you play in the world of imagination, you go to those places you don't normally allow yourself to go to, that's where all the cool ideas are created. And that’s how you also develop things that people never knew they needed or wanted.

Think about it. Fashion designers are creating fantasy worlds for us to live in with their imaginative clothing and out of this world marketing campaigns. Why can’t our businesses be that fantastical, experiential, and fun?

Well there’s no reason at all, if you’re willing to shut out the imagination police. They are everywhere! Your friend who poo poos your dreams and ambitions, saying things like: Oh yeah, right like that will ever happen for you.

A parent or guardian who ridicules you when you share your big ideas. And tells you to stop dreaming and to do something safe and practical with your career.

Even your significant other who gives you an eye roll when you share what you’ve been percolating. Those very people you love so much, can be, and oftentimes are the imagination police. Ignore them. I did and I still do.


How to empower creative ventures. Overcoming entrepreneurial doubt. Imaginative business strategies. How to deal with idea criticism. Role of imagination in innovation. How to face dream naysayers. Passion versus safety in career choices. How to value unique ideas and dreams. How to handle ridicule for ambition. How to deal with criticism from close relationships. Emotional support for creatives. Embracing experiential business models. Celebrating non-conventional career paths. Coping with negative feedback. Innovative marketing inspirations. How to strengthen personal resilience. How to ignore the imagination police. Dream validation techniques. How to unblock creativity. Self-development against adversity.

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Here are 10 reasons someone would want to watch this video:

1. Empowerment: Viewers seeking encouragement in their creative ventures might watch this for motivation and empowerment against naysayers.
2. Relatability: Entrepreneurs and creatives facing doubt from their close circles would find solace knowing they're not alone.
3. Business Inspiration: Those looking for ways to make their businesses more imaginative and experiential might seek insights from the video.
4. Overcoming Criticism: Individuals who often encounter criticism for their unique ideas might read this for strategies on dealing with the 'imagination police.'
5. Understanding Imagination: Viewers curious about the importance of imagination in innovation and creation might be drawn to the content.
6. Career Decisions: Those at a crossroads in choosing a safe versus a passionate career path might watch this for perspective.
7. Validation of Dreams: Individuals who have big dreams but face ridicule might read this for reassurance and validation.
8. Coping Mechanisms: This video offers insight into dealing with criticism from loved ones, which many might find useful.
9. Fashion & Marketing: Viewers interested in the world of fashion and innovative marketing campaigns might be intrigued by the references made.
10. Self-Development: Viewers interested in personal growth and developing resilience against external negativity might find this video appealing.
What’s your favorite way to get excited about selling? I’ll go first.
TikTok / 3 Questions To Radically Increase Sales

I never focus on closing the deal. Instead I get pumped up about what I do by asking myself these three questions.

#1 - If I was being of service, right now, what would I do differently? When I remind myself about what I’m really up to (in my case it’s personal branding & business coaching) it helps get me out of the way so I can focus on being of service.

Question #2 - If I was having fun, what would that look like at this moment? Over and over this is my experience: I make more money when I’m having lots-of-fun.

Question #3 If I was perfecting my craft (instead of trying to be perfect) what would I experiment with? What would I change? Taking the pressure off myself to do it right gives me permission to get creative and play in the world of imagination. I always say success in business is 10% logic and 90% magic.

Be sure to SAVE this post for the next time you need some sales motivation. And SHARE it with your business bestie. If you aren’t already, be sure to follow me (@dailywhip) for more personal branding & business tips. - Erika 💋


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How to make selling fun and easy. Sales tips for beginners. Sales motivation for entrepreneurs. How to close a deal. Negotiation tips. Selling made easy. How to get out of a sales funk.
Running a business isn’t that different from working in a strip club, except there’s no corny DJs and you don’t wear your birthday suit to work. I quickly discovered this when I quit stripping in 2001, and began the ten year journey of co-creating a successful commercial real estate investment company with my father.

During my first month in the new business, we had a breakfast meeting with one of our tenants, Jim. Over fluffy pancakes & watered down coffee, we chatted about the goals for his multi-million dollar tire company. And I'll never forget Jim’s sales advice. It was so good I wondered if Jim had been a stripper!

“Erika,” He said. “I know you’re just starting out, but I want you to know, it ain’t hard to beat the competition. You just have to do a tiny bit more than everyone else.” This was exactly the mindset I had at the club!

As the years went on…Jim’s mantra stuck with me. Every time I didn’t feel like emailing or cold calling a prospective tenant, Jim’s voice rang in my ear, “Erika, it ain’t hard to beat the competition. You just have to do a tiny bit more than everyone else.” And I’d pick up that phone––make the call or send the email. It was those teeny tiny do one more actions that helped make our company a success.

Think about it. How many times have you quit on yourself because you didn’t feel like taking that one extra step. You didn’t want to put yourself out there one more time.

Whether you're a stripper, you sell tires, you're in real estate, or you do something else, we all need Jim's mantra: It ain’t hard to beat the competition. You just have to do a tiny bit more than everyone else.”

If you love this advice, check out my free coaching program for entrepreneurs. I am Erika Lyremark. Thanks for listening.

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