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Cynthia Ngoy


👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Cycle Breaker ❤️‍🩹 Your Inner Child Healing Guide

what no one's talking about 🤫⤵️

what you see on social media is just ONE DIMENSIONAL

you're seeing highlight reels, time lapses, before and afters

which then translates into massive growth, quantum leaps, and impossible timeline accelerations

but I'm here with a gentle reminder, my love...

🔸we leaving behind a generation of quick fixes, aggressive hustle, and faster-than-fast results 🔸

🌱healing takes time🌿
it takes daily practice and integration
it takes soft girl energy and loads of compassion

what you didn't see was how I got here:
🔹the days I spent in bed, wrangling with my mind
🔹the months I spent healing my trauma and deep abandonment wounds
🔹the years I spent waking myself up, going deeper into my shadows, and taking messy action to get where I am today

all this to say...
🌱you don't need to rush your healing🌿

you're healing at exactly the right pace

and your peace? your success? your wildest dreams? are already on its way.

I love you
keep going
#cyclebreaker #cyclebreakers #healingjourney #spiritualbusiness #wfhmom #wfhmama #empath
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