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Cyber Insecurity


Former NSA hacker teaches all hacking things!!! Twitch.tv/cyber_insecurity

More often than not i see people complain about the job requirements on entry level #cybersecurity jobs and they disqualify themselves before they ever apply. This is how recruiters and hiring managers gatekeep you! Start by looking at job descriptions as preferences!!! #hacking #careermode
‘‘’90 Second Cybersecurity News with Neal. As of this morning, several critical healthcare services such as urgent care and elective surgeries were still unavailable to patients due to a large scale cyber attack against Prospect Medical Holdings. The Los Angeles private equity company operates 16 hospitals and 165 outpatient facilities in California, Texas, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.

Thursday evening, services started to go offline due to an apparent cyber attack. This caused at least 3 hospitals to shutter several emergency departs, diverted several ambulances, and forced health care providers to revert to pen & paper in the aftermath of the attack.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks and the organization is being obviously secretive on the details of the attack - probably for legal reasons. Attacks on healthcare are not only common but are low hanging fruit for cybercriminals, with potential high payouts due to regulatory concerns and fear of patient deaths. Hospitals, and other healthcare services, are frequently staffed poorly when it comes to IT & cybersecurity functions. Additionally, limited budgets hamper adequate controls being implemented.

Healthcare organizations also suffer from a large amount of “data sprawl” with critical security information being spread throughout systems in both the cloud and on-prem locations. This makes identifying cyber security threats challenging to investigate and respond to.

We have already seen cases where cyber attacks on healthcare can result in patent deaths. In 2020, a ransomeware attack on a German hospital caused a disruption to the hospital that led to a 78-year-old patient to be diverted to another facility further away. She died in transit.‘’'
One of the most frequent questions I get on my #AMA streams is places to get hands on #cybersecurity training. Check these out!!
Another 90 second #cyber with @it.junkie (Neal). Today we taking about the latest efforts of the Home Office of the UK wanting unprecedented powers over messaging services such as @whatsapp @signal_app and @apple. These include:

1️⃣ - tell the home office of security features before released to public

2️⃣ - required non-UK based companies to provide back doors for end-to-end #encryption

3️⃣ - take immediate action to disable or block a feature when received from the home office without public disclosure.

Comment below on your thoughts on this move by the UK government or #apple response.
Virus Total is a @google owned company that many #researchers use to determine if files and URLs are malicious. It confirmed to the German publication @spiegelmagazin that 5600 usernames and emails were leaked by an internal employee uploading a file to the site. Highlighting the continued danger we see with these types of systems #openai and #chatgpt having experienced this too.
RIP to Kevin Mitnick - the prominent hacker turned consultant has roots that can be traced to many security professionals in our industry dies due to a battle with pancreatic #cancer . Alvin wrote several great books on social engineering and hacking and consulted with many companies.

He will be missed. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ drop your favorite Kevin Mitnick book, talk, or story

#hacker #cybersecurity
The #fbi has issued a new warning on the surge of tech support scammers using a new TTP to transfer money to their organizations. Typically these would be done via #cryptocurrency or money transfer services such as Western Union. Now they have evolved to using other methods such as magazines sent to retail stores and pharmacies.

Stay vigilant and if you believe you’ve been a victim of a scam in the #usa file a complaint with IC3. Www.ic3.gov

#cybersecurity #scammers
#chatgpt has onviously been making the news, and we finally get to see the next wave of #hacker innovation with #AI . WormGPT is a ChatGPT wothout ethics. Meaning the boudaries the OpenAI team has put in place to make it less dangerous have been removed in this version being sold on the darknet to create malware and phishing campaigns.
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