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Here's my favourite bath made in Colombo. I've tried it many times, and it's always consistent and so damn tasty. So many vegetables to choose from, and they are so delicious.  You can try it at the Good Market in Colombo and go early before she is sold out.  #bathkade #favourite #dutchfoodblogger #dutchfoodie #cometosrilanka🇱🇰 #visitsrilanka #srilankan_tik_tok🇱🇰 #srilankanfoodblogger #srilankanfood #srilankan_tik_tok #srilankantiktok #riceandcurry #srilankanriceandcurry #colomboeats #colomboliving #nederlandsetiktokkers  created by Curry O’clock with Tollan Kim’s Aesthetic
The fanciest coffee machine I’ve seen.
📍The Departement of Coffee

The Belgian Balance Siphon works as follows:

The Belgian Balance Siphon, also known as a balancing siphon coffee maker, operates on a fascinating interplay of physics, specifically the principles of siphonage and vacuum. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of its operation:

1. Setup: The device consists of two vessels, typically made of glass, positioned on a balancing beam. The beam tips when water in one vessel (the boiler) boils, causing the hot water to be forced into the other vessel (the brewing chamber) containing the coffee grounds.
2. Boiling: As the water in the boiler is heated, it expands. This creates pressure, which increases as the water begins to boil and produce steam.
3. Siphonage: When enough pressure builds up, it pushes the hot water up a siphon tube into the brewing chamber. This is where the magic happens – the water mixes with the coffee grounds, beginning the brewing process.
4. Equilibrium Shift: As the water level in the boiler decreases, the balance beam tips back to its original position. This is often a visually appealing aspect of the process.
5. Vacuum Effect: When the heat source is removed or reduced, the steam in the boiler condenses, creating a partial vacuum. This vacuum sucks the brewed coffee back into the boiler, now serving as the serving vessel.
6. Completion: The coffee grounds remain in the upper chamber, separated by a filter, and the freshly brewed coffee is ready to be served from the boiler.

The elegance of the Belgian Balance Siphon lies in its ability to transform a simple brewing process into a captivating visual and scientific display, marrying the art and science of coffee making. This method is known for producing a clean, crisp cup of coffee, appreciated by coffee aficionados for its clarity of flavor.

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