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Cure Aqua Gel USA Official


We’re Japan’s #1 exfoliator 💙 💧fragrance-free 💧gentle 💧water-based Shop ⬇️

Have you tried this Japanese skincare duo? 💦

The CURE duo set ($59.00) includes the
#1 best selling exfoliator in Japan, the Aqua Exfoliator, and the oil-free, water-based Japanese moisturizer, the Water Treatment Skin Cream.

The Aqua Gel Exfoliator is a water-based exfoliator that contains a high percentage of Activated Hydrogren Water, a useful and efficious antioxidant. It also contains various leaf extracts such as ginkgo, aloe, and rosemary.

Our Water Treatment Skin Cream is the perfect lightweight oil-free moisturizer that will leave your skin hydrated and supple.

This duo is the best pair for soft, dewy, and smooth skin.

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Have you ever tried Japanese skincare? Watch as Sara uses our Aqua Gel Exfoliator to buff away dead skin, and follows with the Water Treatment Skin Cream for ultimate hydration!

@skinwsara : CURE is helping keep my skin soft and smooth thanks to their Aqua Gel Exfoliator and Water Treatment Moisturizer!

Aqua Gel Exfoliator ($39, 8.82 oz). This awarding-winning product from Cure is an ultra-gentle physical exfoliator that delivers brighter, more even skin instantly! It contains 90% activated hydrogen water, which is an effective and internationally used antioxidant. It also uses skin-loving ingredients like aloe leaf extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, and rosemary leaf extract. There are no fragrances, microbeads, or artificial colors so all you sensitive skin girlies like myself will love this one!

Water Treatment Moisturizer ($26, 3.5 oz). This oil and fragrance-free moisturizer is perfect for all skin types! It starts as a cream texture and then melts down into a watery gel as you work it into the skin. It contains 70% activated hydrogen water and restores hydration after cleansing and exfoliating. It’s perfect for me in the mornings!

More on Cureaquagel.com! Give yourself the gift of soft skin this Spring season with Cure 🌷

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Activated Hydrogen Water = Less wrinkles + smoother skin!

Cure Aqua Gel is Japan's
#1 exfoliator and is the Japanese approach to weekly gentle exfoliation. With the main ingredient, 91% Activated Hydrogen Water, this effective antioxidant:

💦 Is gentle on skin and uses no physical exfoliants

💦 Promotes the skin renewal cycle

💦 Is the perfect exfoliant alternative for sensitive and acne-prone skin

💦 Helps improve absorption of skincare products

💦 Is fragrance-free

By adding the Aqua Gel Exfoliator to your skincare routine, you can reap the advantages of this gentle, Japanese exfoliator.

Visit Cureaquagel.com to get yours now!

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