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CSNP (Cybersecurity Nonprofit) provides accessible cybersecurity education.

Abdel Sy Fane’s profound perspective on why cybercriminals target Africa’s rapidly advancing technology landscape. This highlight is from the African Union ECOSOCC Citizens Forum on Democracy and Digital Governance. Abdel Sy Fane’s presentation on securing Africa’s digital future was nothing short of eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Africa’s technological progress is evident, with increased internet access and the flourishing smart cities across the continent. However, as these advancements unfold, so do the potential risks, including online scams, ransomware, and the spread of disinformation.

During this remarkable event, Abdel Sy Fane delved into a comprehensive strategy to bolster Africa’s cybersecurity. He stressed the paramount importance of empowering cybersecurity professionals through technical training, enabling them to safeguard the digital landscape effectively. Simultaneously, he highlighted the need for widespread cyber awareness education, ensuring that all individuals are well-equipped to navigate the digital realm safely and responsibly. Additionally, Abdel emphasized the significance of providing cybersecurity advisory services to organizations, further fortifying their digital defenses.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partner organization, COIF, and the unwavering support of Dr. Margaret Ellis. Their contributions have been instrumental in disseminating awareness about cybersecurity in Africa, making this talk possible.

Together, let us unite under the banner of
#SecureAfrica , envisioning a future where cutting-edge technology and robust cybersecurity converge harmoniously, creating a digitally resilient continent. Emphasizing the core values of #cybersecurity , #cyberawareness , and #CybersecurityForAll , we celebrate the remarkable strides of #AfricaTech . As we Learn, Innovate, and Secure Africa’s digital future, join us in this transformative journey.

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