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Crystal Bowersox


My only TikTok. Mom of 2. Seeker of balance. Writer of songs. Builder of things



Replying to @jonikelso He’s doing much better. Hospital 2x’s a week. We’ve been focusing on healing and daily walks. Today was the farthest he’s walked, so I made sure there was a cookie as the end goal. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
#stitch with @nowthispolitics
Replying to @ap.bks I do not feel qualified to speak on his condition yet as we are still learning - but there are resources online. His perforation seemed to have no explanation - no diseased tissue, no trauma to the area, just a clean looking hole that opened inside his Large Intestine. In combination with other symptoms and charachteristics - easy bruising, hyper-mobility, fragile/translucent/stretchy skin, atrophic scarring, joint pain and Scoliosis, random veins bursting - it all came together and prompted a genetics test and many visits with an assortment of specialists.
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