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If you hold #xrp or #coreum then you need to be paying attention to this project 🚨

My NFT project, the Core Apes Club is changing the game on the XRPL by bringing utility & introducing guarenteed intrinsic value to our holders through out ‘CAC Promise’.

What is the CAC Promise?🔒

This is clarification that each Ape is an actual tokenised stake. Simply, the apes now have intrinsic value as they are backed by 50% of Coreum inside our validator. This benefits holders as its a promise we will buyback your apes at a promised value. #crypto #investing #xrpcommunity
Replying to @Mr. Fox #XRP holders this is a step by step tutorial on how to stake your #coreum tokens 🚨

In this turorial I am bridging & staking from my XUMM wallet. However, if you hold your tokens on a ledger then let me known if you want a tutorial on how to stake from there ♥️ #crypto #investing
These are the top 4 #crypto projects i’m currently accumulating & why… 🚀

In this video I briefly break down the reason why i’m hyper focused on QNT, #coreum , LCX & sologenic. You will also notice that in addition to the examples i give in the video, each of them focus on developing products that help bridge financial instituions over into the digital asset space… #cryptocurrency #investing
One of the biggest mostakes #XRP holders can make is ignoring the development happening on the XRPL right now… 🧠

Ofcourse usually im talking about #coreum but today we are focusing on Sologenic.

They have recently partnered with Fireblocks who are a huge institutional custody platform. Together they have developed SOLONEX.

Solonex is an asset tokenization platform specialising in both asset & CBDC Tokenization. This all in one platform ties into their main aim as it’s geared at facilitating seamless financial transactions and advanced asset management, these pioneering solutions will bridge the gap between traditional and digital finance, providing a seamless tokenization entry point for institutions, banks and government agencies.

All while ofcourse leveraging the XRPL… 🚀 #crypto #investing
#XRP holders, the 3rd instalment of the #coreum airdrop is just 2 days away 🪂🧪

This video breaks down why this airdrop is so exciting & what you can do with it to make it work for you…

I understand that not everyone knows how to stake their coreum so if you guys want a step by step tutorial as part two then let me know! #crypto #investing
This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes #crypto holders are making… 🚨

Platforms like YouHodler make your idle assets work & earn you passive interest. I personally use it to store my USDT stablecoin resereve and earn 8% APR on it 🔥

If you want to check it out & take advantage of the platforms many features & benefits then use code ‘LEO2023’ when you sign up for a $25 bonus 💰 #investing #cryptocurrency
The SEC will appeal the #xrp rulling & Ripple are ready for it… 🥊

Its important to understand that after the recent rulling that XRP isnt a security. An appeal is really the ONLY ammunition the SEC have against Ripple heading into settlement. #crypto #investing #xrpcommunity
Huge lawsuit update for #XRP holders 🚨

We have two new filings from both Judges on the case regarding settlement talks between the SEC & Ripple👩🏽‍⚖️

Second, Gary Gensler has finally come out and given an official statement regardinf the SECs opinion on the descision…

All this begs the question, we know Ripple are ready to settle but are the SEC? 👀 #investing #crypto
Here are 4 reasons why I believe #XRP is primed & in such a bullish position right now… 🚀

• XRP is officially not a security

• If institutions want to purchase XRP they will have to do so from the retail market

• Ripple state they will be in talks with US financial institutions throughout Q3 about using ODL

#Coreum & Sologenic have been quietly developing & growing throughout the lawsuit and add SO MUCH value to the XRPL ecosystem through tokenisation. This is where the real gains are & why im personally accumulating them.

#investing #crypto
#XRP is not a security 🏆

This is a HUGE win for all holders & explains why its pumping so hard right now. The Judge concluded that Ripples sales of XRP are not sales of securities & that the asset itself in not a security.

My prediction is that the SEC will look to settle and Ripple will have to pay a small fine for their institutional sales 🏆

Key tip, dont sleep on tokens building on and support XRP like #coreum & sologenic because this clarity will massively benefit them 🚀 #crypto #xrpcommunity
Tokenization is easily one of the biggest sector opportunities that will play put over the next few years.

We already know the biggest institutions in the world are backing the narrative so my goal is to find a group off
#crypto assets that support the sector & accumulate them for the next bull run.

So far my top 3 picks are #coreum (which i break down in this video), sologenic & LCX. I will make seperate videos on both of these.

#cryptocurrency #investing
I believe this sector is easily one of the biggest fundamental opportunities in #crypto leading into tbe next bull run 🤝

In this video i break down why I believe this & which are my top 3 crypto plays regarding it. These include #coreum , LCX & Sologenic 🔥

Let me know if you guys want a part two on why tokenisation is game changing & how these assets support it. #cryptocurrency #investing
While everyone is focused on FUD, #XRP continues to show that its fundamentally on fire right now 🚀

In todays video I break down just 3 simple examples of how xrp continues to grow including the lawsuit coming to a close, hinman emails being released, Colombia parntering with Ripple & the XRPL continuing to expand with the growth of NFTs and the recent launch of the #coreum main net.

Infact my project, the Core Apes Club is now officially one of the biggest projects on the XRPL by volume & has just launched its own Coreum validator node 🔌 #crypto #investing
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