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What do you think #tech #apple #cryptoinsightuk  created by CryptoinsightUK with CryptoinsightUK's original sound
Are Ripple and the XRPL going to be the centre for transferring value? Is the IOV (Internet Of Value) coming to life?

In the past week we have seen announcements from the BIS (Bank For International Settlement) and the BoE (Bank Of England) and their project Meridian. This revolves around the settlement of tokenised assets on the blockchain, specifically that of tokenised Property / Real estate.

I speculated this may be being tested via the XRPL with Ripple as a coordinating party. I touched on the relationship with Ripple and the BIS (confirmed in Project Polaris - released last week) and how Ripple have been resting with the BoE since 2016.

This looks to me to be more likely now following this announcement - Ripple to Showcase Real Estate Asset Tokenization Solution as part of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Inaugural e-HKD Pilot Programme.

We know Hong Kong are opening their doors to become a Crypto Hub in the month of June with trading for both Retail and Institutional clients. So the timing of the announcement of the E-HKD and the Ripple testing partnership is continent to say the least.

Furthering, this Ripple complete the acquisition of a massive institutional crypto custodian Metaco - A single, unified platform to and govern digital asset transactions and operations. Technology mandated by 6 of the top 10 global asset custodians.

All this happening whilst we see progression in the Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit, with Judge Torres officially ordering the release of the Hinman emails and a Summary Judgment decision looking imminent.

#crypto #cryptocurrency #xrp #xrpcommunity #newxrpcommunity #cryptoinsightuk
17 May 2023 - Tether International Limited (Tether), the company managing the reserves of the first and most widely used stablecoin, announced today its latest investment strategy aimed at further strengthening its reserves portfolio.

Starting this month, Tether will regularly allocate up to 15% of its net realized operating profits towards purchasing Bitcoin (BTC). Tether anticipates that the current and future BTC holdings in its reserves will not exceed the Shareholder Capital Cushion and will further strengthen and diversify the reserves. As reflected in Tether’s Q1 2023 Assurance Report, as of the end of March 2023, Tether already held approximately $1.5 billion in BTC in its reserves. While it is common practice among many institutional investors to third-party custody their Bitcoin, Tether believes in the philosophy "Not your keys, not your bitcoin" and takes possession of the private keys associated with all of its Bitcoin holdings.

Under this new approach, Tether will focus exclusively on utilizing realized profits from its investment strategy, disregarding unrealized capital gains generated by price increases. This means that Tether will consider only the tangible gains from its operations, which consist of the difference, between purchase price and net proceeds from the sale or, in case of a maturing investment, between the purchase price and the reimbursed amount (for example the notional amount for a zero coupon investment like with U.S. treasury bills).

#crypto #cryptocurrency #tether #bitcoin #cryptoinsightuk
Is memecoin season over?

We have seen coins like
#pepe rally from 0 to over $1.8 billion dollars in market cap in just weeks!

I jumped on the hype after watching Rhett’s YouTube. I think he resonates with a lot of web3 and his journey is beautiful. We as the community now can take his project $TURBO and turn it into something, or let it die. It’s up to us, but with the double buzzword of AI and MEMEcoins. I thought, if anything is going to make it, could it be #turbo? Only time will tell and the market is the true referee.

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Crypto moves in hype cycles and many people get upset about meme coins pumping and start name calling at those investing. As long as you know it’s a complete gamble and could go to 0 then good luck to you! The market decides the price and that’s it! Frog tokens out performing banks, because YOLO DEGENS.

Don’t forget in the last bull run we saw $DOGE explode over 15,000%. Could memes be just getting started?

#crypto #memecoin #ai #cryptoinsightuk
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