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Crutches&Spice ♿️ :


Imani Barbarin sean@collectivespeakers.com writer | comms | actor 😈♿️💗



#duet with @disorganized.religion #keeptiktok
#keeptiktok heres how you strategize to pressure republicans. @crutches_and_spice @crutches_and_spice @ashcapps
#stitch with @kirstengillibrand tsk tsk senator making such a serious campaign error at the start… #greenscreen
How to #keeptiktok . You know exactly how the internet works, my darlings… you have a tiny mic and interview people on the street, take that energy to their front doors. #greenscreen
#stitch with @/ futurelilith.eth #greenscreenvideo @crutches_and_spice
#stitch with @_danyul_ and do it from both the ground up and top down. Dont just call your congresspeople, be grassroots muckrakers too plant these seeds amongst the people to apply pressure from the grount too. #keeptiktokalive
Replying to @ishymaria just some talking points if anyone needs them…
Replying to @charlene.michelle debating these people and defending your humanity only makes people like #candaceowens feel like they’re in charge of determining who is human in the first place.
#CandaceOwens is just doing her job as a conservative. #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #skims
#greenscreen why am i like this???
Replying to @jennyblock72 you dont habe to listen to disabled people, if that’s the sacrifice you think youre making…
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