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David Roberts


Software Developer Careers Coaching • Coding Bootcamp Careers

Replying to @Jenny M can i ignore the 2nd half of this and just answer the great question? #coding #learnontiktok
Replying to @Matt to be involved in architectural decisions you need to show that you can think for the good of the tram AND the business and not just about your future resume!
Replying to @paradoxicus you have to separate to two things. Learn when and why you apply the tools you can now use and then, to be senior, learn to showcase and evidence that value! #seniordeveloper #seniorsoftwareengineer
#onthisday the hair is different but the advice remains the same!! #coding #learnontiktok #dev
Replying to @King Bish the short answer is try many different thjngs and allow yourself to evolve! #coding #burnout #career
Replying to @TryCatchThrow there are so many things that jeed to be answered and addressed to give a reasonable answer here, but here goes… #coding #faang #dev #dreamjob
Replying to @Jenny M so where is the guaranteed payoff with big job boards and recruiters? #learnontiktok #codingtiktok #dev
Replying to @quizmaster no offence taken but i think you misunderstand what im telling you and how this game really works 🤷#jobs #careersintech #coding
Replying to @What tegardless of whether you want yo open up new opportunities in your current company ir the next one, the strategy is the same! #seniordeveloper #softwareengineer #career
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