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CrossFit OYLHealth & Wellness


CrossFit Gym in Haslet, TX focused on helping you to get fit + Own Your Life!

🤔Ever wondered why some gyms can charge $19/month and others are $199/month?💰

What’s the difference?
👙Do you lose weight 10x faster?
💪Or, gain 10x more muscle?

Where does that money go? And how are these models sustainable?

Well the harsh truth of the matter is, if a gym is charging only $19 per month, they’re hoping you don’t show up.

They have THOUSANDS of people paying but only a FRACTION showing up.

If even 15% of their members showed up on the same day, they wouldn’t be able to handle the volume.

📝Sure, the New Year’s rush might have a packed gym for a few weeks, but overall, the model is to be priced so low, that you don’t care enough (or remember) to cancel.

Sit on that for 5 years with minimal attendance and it’s turns extremely lucrative.

💸Because that’s their goal, to turn a profit, not help you hit your goals.

🔑But an access gym doesn’t help you reach your goals. It’s just access.

🙅‍♀️No meal plans, coaches, guidance, help, workout programs, classes, community, or anyone to notice if you just stop working out.

That’s the importance of a REAL coach, at a REAL gym, with a REAL community to get you REAL results.

✅With a coach, you don’t have to waste time researching workouts or stretching warm ups.

✅With the accountability of a boutique gym, the staff actually WANTS you there and to succeed.

✅With a professionally trained coach, you also receive proper movement form & technique so you don’t get injured or so sore you can’t function at work, at home, or able to play with your kids.

✅And lastly, you’ll be around other like minded individuals also trying to improve, not just a room full of people on their headphones giving you death glares because you’re taking too long on a machine.

Which do you want?

Gym A)
Super cheap but you don’t use it.

Gym B)
High value but you actually use it & get results.

Don’t fall for Gym A’s marketing scams just to slowly drain your money over the next 5 years, make an actual commitment to yourself to make a change.

PS - and don’t wait til January either.

Watch Coach Melody take her 6pm class through a teaching on the DB Snatch!

#joinarealgym #dontwaittiljanuary #crossfitoyl
🎉 Coach @Britney Feickert appreciation post!

What’s your favorite part about Coach Brit?

I’ll go first, it’s her knowledge of the Olympic lifts that she’s gracious enough to share with us for an Oly Weightlifting Clinic for 4 Friday nights starting Oct 13th & culminating with a free gym-wide Mock Meet on Nov 4th! 😉 (see what I did there? Sign up under ‘Memberships’ in your OYL app!)

2nd is the array of @JUNK Brands headbands!

#crossfitoyl #oylfitness #olympicweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk
// HEALTH ⚕️

📚The Oxford Dixtionary definition of health is:
“the state of being free from illness or injury”

But Dr. Brad Faglie of Enso Direct Care has a different view of health.

Rather than a “lack of a negative”, he views the health definition as one that is focused on progress forward, not a double negative.

👨‍⚕️At Enso Direct Care, located at the other end of our parking lot, Doc and his staff run a direct access primary care clinic whose
#1 and only stakeholder is the patient.

No insurance means no 3rd party interference with health so they can operate under a standard of care that puts the patient FIRST.

No rushing you in and out in 5-10 minutes with the doctor, no smoke & mirrors, no immediate prescription of medicine to treat symptoms, but rather a full lifestyle approach to your health!

🎙️Catch the full podcast on our YouTube channel or through the link in bio!

#ensodirectcare #health #fitness #crossfit #crossfitoyl #oylfitness #haslettx #rhometx #justintx #decaturtx
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