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Complex David


Im a content creator who loves to interview Web3 project leaders

This Friday, June 2 #ArtistQuickMinute Episode #10 with Deathrow Records recording artist @October London
🎙🎶Tune in this Friday for very special episode of #ArtistQuickMinute . Our next guest held the #1 spot for #RnB Albums on #iTunes charts, and is the #1 streaming artist on @GoGalaMusic, the incomparable @October London 🌐🎶
Join me this Friday, June 2, for an exclusive interview with the explosive artist @listenclash on #ArtistQuickMinute . Uncover the bonkers music style of this sensational Long Beach artist who's taking the scene by storm! 🎶 Don't miss out on the magic! #ListenClash #MusicInterview Criticalcomplex.online or on Critical Complex | Web3 Specialist on YouTube
🚨 Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping story! Join me on #ArtistQuickMinute this Friday as @listenclash8 reveals a surprising tale of a missed opportunity in the music industry. #ListenClash #MusicIndustryTale Friday, June 2nd on YouTube- Subscribe now youtube https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5SWhrq3_lRHXi53Towo0sN3TCBUJQIQD
🚀 Prepare for an explosive revelation! Join me on #ArtistQuickMinute this Friday as we uncover the incredible journey of @listenclash8 Get ready to discover what you didn't know about this sensational artist. From Long Beach to the world, Clash's story will leave you inspired and amazed. Don't miss out on this unforgettable interview! #ListenClash #MusicJourney
🎙️ Mark your calendars on May 29, 2023 for an inspiring interview with @listenclash8 on #ArtistQuickMinute . This talented #HipHop artist, with 3 sold-out #MusicNFTs on @Gala Music , will share his incredible journey. Don't miss out on the vibes! 🎶 #TuneIn
#ArtistQuickMinute New Episode every friday on Critical Complex Youtube #musicnft #web3music 🌻Valerie Ann🌻 #kidsmusic #childrenmusic 🗣🎙 AMA
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