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It’s always a great time for easy, “almost” no-cook appetizers! Whether you’re entertaining with friends and family or need a quick lunch idea. These Za’atar Antipasto Skewers are the perfect little snack made in partnership with @roomandboardfurniture
Find the recipe below:

½ cup za’atar spice blend
½ cup olive oil
8 ounces fresh mozzarella balls
8 ounces cooked tortellini
12-15 slices of prosciutto or calabrese salami
½ cup of kalamata olives
½ cup cherry tomatoes
Fresh basil
6” skewers

Combine your za’atar spice blend and olive oil in a bowl - whisk until combined. Add your mozzarella and cooked tortellini to the za’atar oil mixture. Begin assembling your skewers by placing a mozzarella ball, a slice of prosciutto or calabrese salami, kalamata olive, cherry tomato, tortellini, another mozzarella ball and fresh basil. Assemble in any order you’d like and continue until everything is used. Pour remaining za’atar oil mixture in a small bowl and serve with skewers and toasted bread. Enjoy!
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Replying to @kokita116 To you and all the other hateful comments. 🤗Would love to see your recipe video version of this dish. #fyp #hatersgonnahate #lebanesetiktok #lebanesefood #recipesoftiktok #recipes
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