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Copper Canoe


Indigenous Woman Jewelry Designer Inspired by culture Click Link below ⬇️

The Haíłzaqv people (Vina’s people) have four clans. They have a ranking system that goes raven as the highest, then eagle, then orca, and then wolf. There is an epic story of competition that goes along with this ranking system - of course raven, being the trickster, cheated his way to being the highest ranking clan. It is a long story told to Vina by Haíłzaqv elders and matriarchs, the late Evelyn Windsor, Liz Brown, and the late Phylis Mckay who were our Haíłzaqvla and culture teachers. ✨

Vina comes from the eagle clan with relational ties to raven. We’re excited to bring back these meaningful earrings, reimagined.

Coming soon to CopperCanoeWoman.com in three colors, with 2-3 pairs per clan. A limited release, so stay tuned to mark your calendars 🍃🤍

Photographer: @foglinephotos
Models: @heiltsukcoppercanoe @indigenurse @alicia_0fficial @mondayshethey @jlavallesq @shenisesigs @yummylummi @supernaturals.modelling
Hair: @krystal_simplystyle
MAU: @elizabethmmakeup
CD: @heiltsukcoppercanoe
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