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Cool Crutches & Walking SticksShopping/Retail


💕 Walking Sticks & Crutches 💚Comfortable, safe & silent 💕Design your own

We have some exciting news!

🌟We have partnered with PhysioNet to help up-cycle used or unwanted mobility aids by sending them around the world to people in need. PhysioNet is a brilliant charity that works tirelessly to refurbish and redistribute unwanted mobility aids from UK hospitals, hospices and households to communities and countries that desperately need them 🙌

👉 It is estimated that the UK sits on over £14 Million a year of unused or used and discarded mobility aids. We want to help!

When you purchase crutches or sticks from us, we will send the necessary packaging for you to pack up and send us your old mobility aid, which we will be hand-delivering to the incredible team of volunteers at PhysioNet. They will then be assessed and refurbished by their team of physios, packaged up and distributed across the globe to help millions of people who may not have access to any sort of support or aid. As a thank you we will send you a 10% discount code too ❤️

Not only can this change the lives of so many people living with a disability, but it is also tackling the environmental issue caused by the disposal of these items 🙌

For more information on PhysioNet, visit their website at PhysioNet.org.uk and to find out how to send us your sticks visit our website and search ‘send us your sticks’ 🌟

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A quick rundown of all the products I take when I go abroad to support my disability ☀️

👉 Blue Badge - although it’s not accepted in all countries (including EU countries post brexit) some do still accept it so worth checking before you fly

👉 Sunflower lanyard - signals to all that you have a disability so may need extra time and help as you travel. Absolutely brilliant in an airport and if you don’t have one or forget yours, special assistance often have a stash so if you pop there to pick one up

👉 Pro biotics - I take these every day, at home I take
@symproveyourlife but for this trip I’m taking a travel pack from Advanced Biotics as recommended by the brilliant nutritionist Hannah Alderson. They are amazing on holiday post flight / when juggling dehydration and often a change in diet

👉 Foot orthotic - this is something I wear every second of every day, I have foot drop and so can’t really walk without it. Mine is a Neurodyn Foot Lift Orthosis from Beagle Orthopaedic and it is FANTASTIC. If anyone has foot drop please get one it’s changed my life! Perfect for holidays because it can go in the wash and won’t give you sores or blisters 🙌

👉 Talcum powder - the golden ticket to happy feet! With minimal feeling and movement in my feet it’s key that my feet are completely dry and free of any shells / sand / anything stuck to them before I put my foot brace or shoes on so never go anywhere without good old talc 👍

👉 I take my fab pouch from Marloe London which has a little pouch (straw one here is from White Company) inside to keep my pills in. This just means I have them on me but also separated so I can easily grab them in a rush or whip them out if security want to check them

❤️ Hope these things are helpful for anyone else travelling with sticks or crutches, please do let me know if there are any things you can’t travel without in the comments and with any luck it will help someone else 🌟

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✈️ Off on holiday in search of some sun this summer and hoping to take more than one stick?
Don’t worry - it is possible 🌟
All our walking sticks fit neatly into a large suitcase so if you are looking to take more than one - just shorten them and pop them in to give your holiday wardrobe that extra 💥

Top tip for travelling with crutches and sticks? Take your crutches with you on the flight and pack your sticks inside your suitcase - hang onto your crutches until everyone has put their bags in the overhead locker and then pop them in on top! Why? Because that way there is no risk of a bag ended up on top of them causing any damage ❤️

If you’re travelling with special assistance bag a pair of our stick safe straps as these will allow you to tie your sticks to your wheelchair / any edge so you then don’t have to carry them through the airport 👍
Don’t feel like you need to compromise on which stick you bring - bring them all and make sure you have everything you need to make your holiday as comfortable, safe and stylish as possible ☀️
Check out our blog for more top travelling tips 🌈

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☀️ Do you love that great big ball of joy in the sky as much as we do?
We absolutely love our Walking on Sunshine stick. It is the perfect design to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face which is no surprise when it was designed by the beautiful
@Nicky Newman on a mission to make people smile but also help support young people facing serious illness or injury by donating 15% of the proceeds to @Willow Foundation ⚡️
Our Co-Founder Amelia recently took hers to Portugal, and it really did work perfectly amongst the brilliant colours and bright sunshine. In addition to looking fabulous, it ensured that she was safe, stable and comfortable throughout her entire holiday 👍
Head to our website for your very own Walking on Sunshine stick, and don’t forget that 15% of every sale goes straight to Willow Foundation to help support young people like Nicky & Amelia facing serious illness or injury ❤️

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