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Contrast Cine


Nashville TN gear rental with cameras, lens, lights, & everything cinematography

We all know lenses provide a distinct look for cinematographers on set. But what if similar aesthetics were available to editors and motion designers in post? @matthewdelisi approached us with that question on his search for sophisticated, organic lens vignettes. He was bored with stock vignettes that lacked complexity and dimension. So we compiled a huge assortment of our most wild & expressive lenses for Matt to film.

Matt shot each plate on @nashvillebacklot studio’s white cyc in high-res full frame on our @sonyprofilmmaking Venice 2. This method preserved each lens’ entire image circle, edge softness, falloff, chromatic aberration, and vignettes. As a result, you get stylish drag & drop vignettes with just a few clicks to adjust your blend mode.

We’re so excited to partner with @ezco.tv to bring these real world lens vibes into the digital world! Purchase the whole set at the link in our bio. Here’s the full list of lenses represented in the pack:

• Angenieux HR 25-250mm T3.5 Zoom
• Arri Ultra Primes
• Atlas Orion 2X Anamorphics
• Canon FD Ancient Optics 50-300mm T4.9
• Canon Rangefinder Primes
• Canon S16 11.5-138mm T2.5 Zoom
• Canon S16 8-64mm T2.4 Zoom
• Cooke Speed Panchro SII & SIII Primes
• Cooke S4i Primes
• Ironglass Soviet Primes
• Canon K35 25-120mm T2.8 Macro Zoom
• Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm T1.8
• Kowa Ancient Optics Full Frame Primes
• Kowa Mirrorscope 2X Anamorphics
• Laowa Zero-D 12mm T2.9
• Leica M 0.8 Primes
• Elite S7 2X Anamorphics
• Lomo Super Speed Primes
• Mamiya Sekor-C Medium Format Primes
• Petzval 58mm T1.9
• Zeiss Super Speed MKIII Primes
#film #vfx #filmtok
Sliding this onto your FYP 👀
@hudsonspider slider is one of the most innovative cinema grade camera sliders out there and we cant wait to see what you guys create with it 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
#cameratricks #filmtok #stopmotion #camerabuild
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