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Angel Johnstone


Erotica Author & Confidence Coach https://bit.ly/ContactConfidenceIsCatchy



This app has got the AUDACITY!! created by Angel Johnstone with love4niahh's original sound
#stitch with @danitaplatt Our gender stereotyped "standards" for household labor are based on slaves being readily available to do all the things required to maintain the illusion of constant perfection. We are so tired because we are trying to all this as one person. One person replacing a "staff" of many slaves. The math isn't mathing!
#greenscreen these kids in here are wilding though!!! #givemepeace #innerchildhealing #teenage
#stitch with @Jessica Wetzstein Account #6 my
#iudremoval was the best decision ever. if your body isn't happy, TAKE IT OUT!!!
#duet with @Joman so true. Tiny computers in our palm all day. Read a scientific journal? Watch a presentation? Nah. Cat videos are way more entertaining. #idiots
#duet with @ukecurious
I couldn't explain it better than this. I'll take capitalistic representation all day over none BUT you better mean the word "ally" when you sell it.
#stitch with @Big Purrr
oh, honey. That's ENTIRELY the point. Just wait. Someday you'll get it. #overthrowthepatriarchy
#bluehairedliberal #vivalaresistance
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