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PCOS & Hormone Balance Expert - Lifestyle, Fertility, Sleep, Endocrine, Hair

Cysters don’t fall into the trap of buying every PCOS supplement you see going…I get it, I’ve been desperate for results too but I want better for you!

Our PCOS is extremely individual and so is what drives it. With this in mind, a PCOS supplement that works wonders for me, might not do the same for you which is why it’s important to find out your root cause becore investing in supplements!

Another thing to remember is that supplements are the icing on the cake - the cake being good nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and movement. Targeted supplements support consistent healthy habits!

My simple step-by-step self study course The Complete PCOS Plan helps you identify your PCOS drivers and which supplements are right for YOUR individual PCOS.

DM me for more info or head to the link in my bio for instant access so you can start thriving today ❤️

Yes I have PCOS, yes I’m a nutritionist and YES I know that sugar isn’t great for my PCOS.


I’ve done the whole restriction thing and it only makes me want cake more but I’ve found that having a bit of what I fancy keeps me much more satisfied and is totally possible since focusing on blood sugar balance. Hurray 🥳

So on a day like today, my birthday, I use a few tricks to help keep my blood sugar as stable as possible and minimise the sugar crash later.

You’ll want to SAVE these…

🧁 Eat your cake AFTER a balanced meal rather than as a stand alone treat - this helps to blunt the blood sugar spike

🧁 Have a veggie starter - a salad or a couple carrots (which is what I had today 🤣) will again slow down the glucose absorption and avoid a huge blood sugar spike

🧁 Eat some nuts or protein before - again this will blunt the response. I chose to eat the tuna before the cake.

🧁 Drink a spoonful of vinegar in water a maximum of 20 minutes before eating. The Acetic Acid in vinegar has anti-glycemic properties meaning that not only does it delay gastric emptying to avoid a blood sugar spike, it also increases insulin sensitivity.

🧁 Walk after your cake - any activity that uses your muscles will help to utilise some of the sugar and keep your blood sugar more stable

Look 👀 we all know that cake isn’t ‘healthy’ but having a cake on your birthday is NOT going to derail your PCOS progress and might just help keep you consistent in the long run!

Do you eat cake on your PCOS journey? Go on, let me know what it is 😆👇🏽

Beautiful afternoon tea from @marleysbakery_barnet

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⚠️ Intermittent fasting could be making your PCOS worse ⚠️

In 2019-2020 I fasted 16 hours in 24 and ate in an 8 hour window. Before that I used to do the 5:2 diet where I severely restricted calories for 2 days a week.

I’ve been an avid intermittent faster and used to pride myself on not being hungry in the morning.

It worked for me in that I lost weight and to be honest it definitely fed some of my old disordered eating tendencies but that wasn’t a good thing!

What I noticed though was that I’d end up shakey, hangry and hysterical quite often and eventually I realised that it was just too harsh of a fast for my already imbalanced body.

Since making sure that I eat a protein rich breakfast, my blood sugar drops are a thing of the past. I have more energy and focus and my weight is still stable!

I know it can be tempting to skip breakfast when trying to lose weight but what many don’t realise is that breakfast actually helps to bring down our cortisol levels in the morning. This is very important for anyone with hormonal imbalance, which is why its worth eating within 1 hour of waking if you have PCOS.

There’s so much evidence to support this…

🤓 One study showed that women who skipped breakfast had a higher cortisol level throughout the day and a higher cortisol surge after lunch


🤓 Another found that a breakfast containing at least 30g of protein slowed the release of our hunger hormone ghrelin and meant that less was eaten throughout the day.

My go to breakfast is always eggs and veggies, topped up with some @ancientandbrave collagen in my hot drink but protein smoothies or full fat greek yoghurt with added hemp seeds, nut butter and berries can also get you to your 30g of protein.

All this being said, there are many health benefits to fasting BUT please, if you’d like to try, keep it gentle with a maximum 12 hour overnight fast broken with a protein rich, fibre focused meal.

Do you intermittent fast? Has it improved or worsened your PCOS symptoms? Let me know ❤️

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