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The Creative platform & digital agency, hub connecting Music/Art/NFTs #OpenSea

Welcome to CompatiblCreative, a thriving community that provides unique opportunities for artists, creators, and collectors to showcase their work through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our community is built on blockchain technology, and we aim to help artists and creators monetize their work, reach new audiences, and grow their profiles.

One of the unique features of our community is the special utility roles we offer to members who hold specific NFTs and complete a social verification process. These roles allow NFT holders to create posts related to their designated category, such as Music Producer, Record Label, DJ & Performer, Digital Artist, Painter, Metaverse, Arcade Games, Games Culture, Game Dev, Photography, and Video.

However, even if you don’t have these designated roles, you can still participate in conversations and interact with the community. We aim to promote artists and their work, from pictures and music to audiovisuals, in both the metaverse and real world through immersive digital experiences.

At CompatiblCreative, we provide a space for like-minded individuals to explore, interact, collaborate, seek guidance and help, and share their work with others. Becoming a verified member with a Creative Role is undoubtedly worthwhile, as it grants you access to the allow list and opens doors to a thriving community of like-minded creatives.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this exclusive community and reap the rewards of being a verified member with a Creative Role. Join us today and showcase your talent to the world!



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