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Unboring your corporate comms! Hit the link below to find our courses… 😍

#CapCut we know that most of our clients LOVE working in social media. But damn, it can be hard work sometimes. What are your tips for survival? #CommsLife #PublicRelations #SocialMediaManager
#CapCut Reminder that most big achievements come from a series of small gains, improvements and experiments.

Not from getting everything planned in and perfect from the start.

#lSocialMediaManager #CommsLife #PublicRelations #internalcommunications
#CapCut It's FREE to invest in your #comms team by:
1. Saving them time by not adding a zillion edits to their draft content
2. Reducing their blood pressure by inviting them to be involved at the beginning of your project (not 5 minutes before it goes live)
3. Allowing them to strengthen their creative and strategic muscles by asking for and respecting their advice
4. Giving them motivation by thanking them for a job well done
5. Giving them a reason to live during a crisis, by bringing them a coffee

#SocialMediaManaget #CommsLife #publicrelations
#CapCut If you work in comms for a housing association and want to get more strategic with your brand’s social media, but haven’t yet had the time to plan and write your strategy, this is one event you won’t want to miss!

Be inspired by UK housing’s leading comms experts, who have succesfully implemented the latest and most effective strategies.

By the end of the day you will:

Be inspired by @Helen Reynolds and 6 of UK housing’s most talented and creative comms professionals

Learn loads & have tonnes of lightbulb moments

Refresh your approach and have some fun time to away from your day-to-day work

Meet and chat with other like-minded comms pros AND

Develop a useable blueprint for your housing brand’s social media

What's not to love?!
#CapCut no one likes an underspend though, do they? #SocialMediaManager #CommsLife #PublicRelations
#CapCut in what universes is it acceptable for an organisation to have have 17 different internal logos? #SocialMediaManager #PublicRelations #CommsLife
#CapCut why does this always happen 🤦🏼‍♀️ #SocialMediaManager #CommsLife #PublicRelations
#CapCut no wonder we never get anything done. How do you manage saying no to unnecessary work? #SocialMediaManager #CommsLife #PublicRelations #corporatelife
#CapCut they just love to add apostrophes and capital letters where they're not needed, don't they? #corporatelife #PublicRelations #CommsLife #SocialMediaManager
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