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Commercial dehydrators


Commercial dehydrators Dehydrate anything Home. commercial . industrial

🍎 Dehydrated Apple Chips: Minimal Prep, No Additives! 🍏
Preserve the deliciousness of apples while keeping it healthy and natural with homemade dehydrated apple chips! ✨ With minimal prep time and no need for preservatives or additives, this is the ultimate way to enjoy this versatile fruit. 🌱🌞
Start by washing your favorite variety of apples, like Granny Smith or Fuji. No need to peel them! Simply core and slice them into thin rings or wedges for a perfect snack. 🍏✂️
Next, lay the slices in a single layer on a dehydrator tray. Ensuring they don’t touch each other promotes even airflow and drying. Set your dehydrator to 113°F (45°C) . Now let your dehydrator do the work…..Leave them to dry for 8-15 hours, depending on thickness and desired dryness. 🕒🔥
Now comes the exciting part! Your homemade dried apples are ready to be savored in countless ways. Enjoy them as a healthy, on-the-go snack, packed with natural sweetness and a satisfying chewy texture. 😋💪
For added versatility, chop the dried apples into smaller pieces and incorporate them into granola, trail mix, or morning oats. The possibilities are endless! 🥣✨
But wait, there’s more! Rehydrate these gems by soaking them in warm water or apple juice until they become soft and plump. Then, let your culinary creativity flow! Add them to muffins, cakes, bread, or even savory dishes like stuffing or roasted meat. They’ll infuse your recipes with a burst of concentrated apple flavor that’ll leave everyone asking for more. 🍎🌈
By choosing homemade dehydrated apples, you’re not only enjoying a natural and nutritious snack, but also avoiding those pesky preservatives and additives found in store-bought options. Keep it pure, wholesome, and utterly delicious! 😇💚
So, grab those apples, fire up the dehydrator, and embark on a tasty adventure with dehydrated apples! Share your creations using
#benchfoods and let’s inspire each other! 📸✨
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🍋✨ Citric Acid vs. Lemon Juice Or Nothing?? The Battle of Fruit Pretreatment! 🌱🍊
🔬 Discover the Secrets of Light-Colored Fruits and Antimicrobial Treatments 🌿
💡 In this Reel, we’re diving into the intriguing debate of citric acid versus lemon juice for pretreating fruits before drying. Join us as we explore their unique properties and benefits, helping you make an informed choice for your fruit preservation needs. Are you Team Citric Acid or Team Lemon Juice? Let’s find out!
🍋 Lemon juice, a natural powerhouse, offers a multitude of benefits. Rich in Vitamin C and B6, it provides a boost of antioxidants and aids in iron absorption. As a fruit pretreatment, lemon juice helps maintain the light color of fruits and serves as an effective antimicrobial treatment for all types of fruits.🌿 On the other hand, citric acid, derived from a lab fermentation process of cornstarch, is likely made from genetically modified organisms (GMO) using the mold Aspergillus niger. While it’s widely used and approved for various applications, some individuals have health concerns associated with its synthetic production. ⚖️ @jordiepieface has an incredible post on Citric Acid and also a great account around food and additives - Ultimately, it’s a personal choice. Are you drawn to the natural benefits of lemon juice, with its Vitamin C and iron absorption qualities? Or do you prefer the controlled properties of citric acid for fruit preservation? The decision is yours!
🌱 Join the discussion in the comments below and let us know which team you’re on—Team Citric Acid or Team Lemon Juice? Share your experiences, insights, and personal preferences. We LoVE this little cheeky but true Audio / Together, let’s explore the world of fruit pretreatment and discover the best ways to preserve the flavors and quality of our beloved fruits.
#CitricAcidVsLemonJuice #dehydratinginfo #commercialdehydrators #benchfoods #homestead
Elevate your dehydrating game with our top-of-the-line commercial stainless steel dehydrator and create delicious homemade dehydrated banana chips! 🍌
🔥 Designed for Ongoing Commercial Use: Our 100% stainless steel dehydrator is built to handle the demands of commercial operations. With a high-efficiency forced air convection system, you can dehydrate at commercial rates and achieve consistent results.
✨ Total Tray Area: Over 27 sq. ft of tray area gives you plenty of space to dehydrate large quantities of food. No more batch after batch - save time and energy!
🌡️ Adjustable Temperature Range: Take full control of your dehydrating process with an adjustable temperature range between 85 - 195°F. Need to dry without heat? Activate the ambient mode to run just the fans.
⏰ Convenient Digital Timer: Set it and forget it! Our 99-hour digital timer allows you to program the dehydrator and return hours later with peace of mind.
💡 Energy Efficient: We care about sustainability. Our highly efficient unit pulls up to 50% less energy than other models with the same dry time. Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.
🌀 Even Drying with Stainless Steel Mesh Trays: Say goodbye to rotating or turning food during the drying cycle. Our 304 Food Grade stainless steel mesh trays allow food to dry evenly on both sides, ensuring consistent results every time. Ready to make homemade dehydrated banana chips? Here’s a simple recipe: Arrange the bananas on your dehydrator trays, leaving space between the pieces to allow air to circulate. Dehydrate at 113ºF (45ºC) for 24-30 hours until the banana is dry and crisp.
🔥 Upgrade your dehydrating experience today and unlock the full potential of commercial-grade drying. Order our stainless steel dehydrator and let your imagination run wild! 🙌
#DehydratingFood #benchfoods #dehydratedfood #vegan #dehydrator #dehydratorrecipe
Forget bland dull dusty tasting dried herbs from the supermarket - Dehydrating your own herbs is so easy and will produce the most intense aromatic flavours that preserve colour and structure. The uses of herbs are endless from culinary cooking to medicinal uses in the home.
To dehydrate herbs you want to approach the drying temperature and times - LOW & SLOW.
If you live in a relative dry climate then you can simply use your Benchfoods dehydrator at ambient temperate for 4-6 hours or longer. If you live in a climate that has a high humidity then using your dehydrator at the lowest temperate of 85F OR 30C for 1-4 hours or longer for high water content herbs. No need to rotate trays with the superior design of airflow in our Benchfoods dehydrators.
Place large herbs such as Parsley & Basil on stainless steel trays and smaller leaved herbs such as Thyme & Chives on a silicon mats to prevent them from falling through.
Your herbs are ready when they are dry, crisp, and break apart when crushed. Your dehydrated herbs are now ready to store how you prefer. Try and keep the leaves whole as this will preserve the flavour, vitamins and nutritional value. Remember that light and storage affects flavour, so use moister absorbers & store in dark colour container or in a dark cupboard for short term use. Mylar bags or vacuum sealed jars & oxygen absorbers longterm storage.
When using dehydrated herbs in replacement of fresh use the ratio of 1 TBSP fresh - 1 TSP of dehydrated herbs. Rehydrate your herbs by introducing them to your meal at the beginning stage of the cooking or the middle stage at most. You can also introduce at the beginning by heating ghee or oil and frying off the herbs with any spices the recipe requires to create an aromatic meal base to start with.
Medicinal uses for herbs are swallowed as pills, powders, or tinctures. Brewed as tea.
Applied to the skin as gels, lotions, or creams.
Added to bath water. We love what the
@herbalacademy teachers and shares on all medicinal uses and recipes so follow them for more ideas on how you can use your dehydrated herbs, flowers, spices. #dehydrayedherbs #medicinal #benchfoods #commercialdehydrators #hiking #herbs #health
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