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Building 🔨a global democratic system of governance 🌍 at @atlasmovement



📍 #Taipei views  created by ColombeCahenSalvador with Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's Ain't No Mountain High Enough
#HappyNewYear from #Kaohsiung 🥂🇹🇼🥳

May we change the world for the better
#Taiwan you have my heart 🇹🇼

📍 #Taroko
Before heading off for a few days of holidays, ✨ check out why we are filled with #hope at @Atlas ahead of the new year!

Happy holidays friends, let’s take time to rest and be ready to change the world in 2⃣0⃣2⃣3⃣ !

You can also register for our upcoming consultations on #democracy here 👉 www.atlasmovement.org/globaldemocracy

P.S.: let us know what gives you hope for the new year ⤵️
Multinationals like #Facebook & #Amazon 📦operate across borders but pay very little #taxes , in very few countries.

And this has big consequences: countries are deprived of at least $500 billion annually.💰To put it in perspective: with half of that amount of money, we could put an end to global #hunger for one year.

Check out the latest #HowToBuildACountry 🎥 in which @Andrea Venzon & I explain why without a global country to regulate, tax & represent, only the top 1% win! (Bonus: we talk a LOT about space 🔭🚀👩‍🚀)

🍿 https://www.youtube.com/Atlas

This week’s news are already overwhelming. #Climate , #Italy refusing to accept people rescued at sea, and more…

It’s hard to find hope, to imagine a new utopia, to find ways to solve urgent global issues when day after day more crises seem to appear without old ones getting resolved.

That’s why we actually need an urgent real system change. We need a democratic global system of governance.

Watch the full video on what we mean and how to get there on YouTube: www.youtube.com/atlas
We need a global country, or a global federation! 🌏 It sounds crazy I know, but that’s the truth (full video on twitch & YouTube).

We have so many global issues unsolved, just open the news:
#Russia suspended a deal that allowed grain exports out of #Ukraine
#Nigeria is victim of devastating #floods
❌ The far right is rising in Israel
❌ We have no global standards for social media companies

Check out the full video on why we need to build a united world 💕, and join us on this journey ⤵️

Youtube: @Atlas
Twitch: @AtlasMovement

#globalcountry #togetherunitedwecannotbedefeated #globaldemocracy
“Women, Life Freedom”!

For the last 40 days, women & allies having been protesting in
#Iran following the death of #MahsaAmini . Despite police violence & crackdown (more than 200 people have been killed), thousands still take the street and stand against the dictatorship ✊

Check out the YouTube video I made with @Andrea Venzon on why international Solidarity is fundamental in an era in which #womensrights are being cracked down upon all over the world.

YouTube channel www.youtube.com/atlas

#IranProtests #WomenLifeFreedom
Today is the #UnitedNationsDay . This means that 77 years ago, the UN was created. Woop Woop 🎉 ! It’s done a lot, but that’s not the point. Today, the #UN is no longer fit for purpose: just think of #Russia and #China ’s constant agressions, of #ClimateChange , of the fact that multinationals are not paying their taxes and more.

So what now? How can citizens and every day people change the world? And also why should they care? And also, what is the UN?

Check out this video & our work at @Atlas : www.atlas.party
Happy #InternationalDayOfDemocracy 🤩!

🔋Are you ready to change the world with us at @Atlas ?! 👉 www.atlas.party/globaldemocracy
Episode 3 of #TheEquitist 🎙 is out! Listen on your #podcast app 🎧
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