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🧚🏽🌿🤍 a mother in nature

Incorporating these various types of play into a child’s life can provide a well-rounded and holistic approach to their development, nurturing not only their physical abilities but also their social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

1. Role Play: Role play helps children develop empathy and social skills as they take on different roles and understand the perspectives of others. It also fosters creativity and imagination.
2. Creative Play: Creative play encourages original thinking and problem-solving. It allows children to express themselves artistically and experiment with new ideas and concepts.
3. Rough Play: Rough play teaches kids about physical boundaries, cooperation, and self-control. It can boost their physical fitness and build motor skills while learning how to play safely.
4. Language Play: Language play enhances communication skills, vocabulary, and linguistic development. Children can explore the joy of language through wordplay, storytelling, and conversations.
5. Risk-Taking Play: Risk-taking play helps children assess and manage risks in a controlled environment. It builds confidence, resilience, and decision-making abilities, allowing them to learn from both success and failure.
6. Sensory Play: Sensory play engages a child’s senses, promoting cognitive development. It helps them understand their surroundings, develop fine motor skills, and build a foundation for future learning.

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Absolutely, let’s keep it natural and relatable:

as we dive into the whirlwind of postpartum life and the beautiful chaos of breastfeeding, let’s have a candid chat about something crucial: supplements. You know, those little helpers that can make a big difference in how we feel during this incredible journey.

Natural Multi Postnatal Vitamin: So, picture this – you’re sleep-deprived, and every day feels like a marathon. That’s where this trusty vitamin comes in. It’s like that comforting hug you need. It’s not just a supplement; it’s your partner in postpartum recovery. With all the extra nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it offers, it’s like a little boost to keep you going.

Elderberry Extract: As a mom, the last thing you want is to catch a cold, especially when you’re taking care of your baby. Elderberry is like your backup plan. It’s your way of saying, “I’ve got this!” It’s a natural immunity booster, your secret weapon against those pesky bugs that seem to lurk around.

Vitamin B12: Oh, the energy struggles of motherhood! Those sleepless nights can really take a toll. Vitamin B12 is like your pick-me-up on those tough days. It’s the encouragement you need to power through and be there for your baby. Plus, it’s like a little gift to your baby through your breast milk.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Mom brain, anyone? Omega-3s are here to remind you that you’re not alone in this. They’re like your mental clarity in a bottle, helping you stay sharp when you need it most. And for your baby, they’re like brain-boosting magic for their little developing minds.

Calcium: Post-birth, your body has some healing to do, and calcium plays a starring role in the recovery process. It’s like the essential ingredient for strong bones and teeth – not just yours but also for your growing baby. So, consider it the building block of your “mom strength.”

Probiotics: Ah, gut health – it’s the behind-the-scenes hero of your well-being. Probiotics are like your backstage crew, keeping everything running smoothly. They’re your allies in digestion, immunity, and even those moments when your baby’s tummy is a bit fussy. A happy gut means a happier baby through your breast milk.

Hydration: In the chaos of mom life, drinking enough water sometimes falls to the bottom of the to-do list. But staying hydrated is like having your personal energy reserve. It’s crucial for keeping your milk supply up, for keeping you feeling refreshed, and for facing whatever motherhood throws your way.

Nutrient-Packed Diet: Amidst all the supplements, let’s not forget the rainbow of fruits and veggies. They’re like your palate-pleasing allies in this journey. Each color on your plate brings a unique set of nutrients to the table, complementing the benefits of your supplements. It’s like a vibrant celebration of health in every bite.

So, there you have it, mama-to-mama. These supplements aren’t just products; they’re our companions, here to support us through the twists and turns of motherhood. You’re not alone on this adventure. To learn more about these supplements and how they can fit naturally into your daily routine, check out my blog to see other supplements that might help you on this journey.
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puffin rock: netflix
stillwater: apple tv
curious george: apple tv
oswald: paramount+
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bluey: disney plus
bear in the big blue house: disney plus

are you trying to figure out the whole screen time thing for your little? I was against screen time until i truly had to use it and finally understood. But I wanted to make sure I was still being intentional in some way; and that lead to researching the best "low-stimulation" shows for toddlers.

What Are Low-Stimulation Shows?

Low-stimulation shows are like the secret sauce of toddler TV. They keep your kiddo engaged without going overboard with flashy stuff. It's like a perfect mix of fun and learning.

Why Go for These Shows?

1. Not Too Much Screen Time:These shows respect that experts say less screen time is better for tiny tots.

2. Learning and Fun: Your kiddo can have a blast and learn at the same time. How cool is that?

3. Let's Get Creative: Some of these shows are just whimsically creative, sparking your little one's imagination and curiosity.

4. Slow Movement: These shows take it slow, which makes it easier for your child to follow along. It's like a comfy storytelling session.

Choosing the Good

Stay tuned for tips on picking out the best low-stimulation shows for your kiddo. Let's make sure their screen time is not just fun but also boosts their creativity and curiosity!

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#limitedscreentime #whimsical
a golden birthday for my two year old! all the kids and adult kids had a lot of fun, going to add more details on the party soon. had my pool available, and the play area so that was a winner. thank you @FUNCATIONSTATION

i want (as always) his themes to be very tasteful, i love a good theme with a bunch of intention and self made designs.
cookies by @ thewpcookieco 🍪 🤩
balloons by @Glimaris Balloons 🎈 🤍

if you want to see or want to know about any specifics lmk in the comments! we had a lot of fun making this, especially on labor day weekend 💙

had to go all out for my babys golden birthday!

#lucathemeparty #toddlerbirthday #kidsbirthdaythemes #secondbirthday #birthdayinspo #goldenbirthday #babybirthday #birthdayideasforkids
The tactile experience of playing with wooden figurines adds an extra dimension to a child's playtime. The warmth of the wood, combined with the natural scent, engages their senses and creates a deeper connection to the toy. This sensory stimulation enhances their play experience, promoting mindfulness and a sense of calm.

found this on the target online store 🫶🏽 exactly what i was looking for his farm themed basket thats coming next week :)

Parents can take comfort in the fact that wooden figurines are non-toxic and child-safe. Free from harmful chemicals often found in plastic toys, these figurines provide a safe play environment for children, supporting their health and well-being.

The aesthetic appeal of wooden figurines fosters an early appreciation for art and design. The intricate craftsmanship and natural beauty of these toys inspire children to develop a sense of aesthetics and artistic expression from a young age.

Beyond the individual benefits, incorporating wooden figurines into a morning basket enriches a child's daily routine. The intentional and mindful play offered by these toys sets a positive tone for the day, promoting focused engagement and creativity from the very beginning.

As children interact with these figurines, they develop emotional intelligence by using them to express feelings and emotions. This exploration of emotions through play helps children understand and cope with their inner experiences.

Additionally, wooden figurines spark curiosity and inquiry. Children's innate curiosity is piqued as they interact with these toys, leading to questions and discussions about the characters and the world they represent.

By incorporating wooden figurines into a morning basket, children gain exposure to the beauty of natural materials. This instills an early appreciation for nature and eco-friendly choices, nurturing a sense of environmental responsibility.

In conclusion, wooden figurines hold a special place in a child's world, encouraging imaginative play, promoting holistic development, and fostering meaningful connections. These timeless toys, with their simplicity and versatility, offer countless opportunities for exploration, creativity, and growth. When included in a morning basket, wooden figurines become treasured companions that enrich a child's daily routine and nurture their budding minds and hearts.

#openendedtoys #imaginitiveplay #charlottemason #morningbasket #morningrhythm #woodentoys #hearthandhand #targetfinds #targettoys
#stitch with @umgabi was no longer the career path for me #foryou
Replying to @Allison Caronongan
in the months past 12 but before 2 i tried to find ways to teach my baby words, letters and colors, but it was so hard to keep his attention. of course sensory activities worked but i noticed Integrating a theme into the morning basket added an extra layer of stimulation and engagement. especially color themed baskets 🧺 colors have a significant impact on mood and cognitive development. By incorporating a color theme, you can create a visually appealing and captivating experience for your child, igniting their imagination and sparking their curiosity.

The color theme can be utilized in various ways within the morning basket. It can guide the selection of books, art supplies, puzzles, and educational toys. This intentional color coordination enhances aesthetic appeal and encourages your child's attention and focus..

Creating a morning basket catered to your child's age development offers numerous benefits. First, it establishes a consistent morning rhythm, providing structure and predictability, which aids in your child's overall development. A morning basket tailored to their age fosters engagement and learning by including age-appropriate activities and materials. It encourages curiosity and exploration, nurturing their cognitive and creative skills.

The morning basket, with its carefully chosen age-appropriate materials and color theme, creates an inviting and engaging environment. It sets a positive tone for the day, promoting a sense of excitement and anticipation in your child. By starting the day with purposeful and enjoyable activities, the morning basket cultivates a love for learning and a positive attitude towards daily routines.

#homeschooling #intentionalmotherhood #morningbasket #morningmenu #waldorf #waldorfinspired #homeschooltips #kidsactivities #toddleractivities #morningrhythm
playsilks are truly wonderful for childrens versatility and possibilities in open-ended play. these simple pieces of fabric ignite children's imagination, allowing them to transform them into anything they desire. a superhero cape, a princess dress, a magical river, or a vibrant backdrop for storytelling, playsilks provide a blank canvas for kids to explore their creativity. it encourages imaginative play, problem-solving, and story development, fostering cognitive and social development in a fun and engaging way. playsilks are lightweight, portable, and safe, making them a convenient option for play both at home outdoors and on the go.
i purchased august's on
@Sarahssilks website! but if you are reading this on prime day, they are apart of it :) so i just bought more!

the imaginative benefits that playsilks offer like sensory stimulation, contribute to a child's sensory development. the soft and smooth texture of playsilks provides a tactile experience, inviting children to touch, feel, and explore different fabrics. They come in a range of vibrant colors, promoting color recognition and visual stimulation. Whether playing independently or collaborating with others, playsilks enhance children's language skills, social interaction, and emotional expression. their durability ensures long-lasting play value, making playsilks an excellent investment for hours of creative + educational playtime for your littles ✨

#sarahssilks #unboxingtoys #playsilks #openendedtoys #openendedplay #creativeplay #kidsactivities #independentplay #imaginitiveplay #peacefulliving #waldorfinspired #waldorfinspiredtoys #sensoryplayideas #sensoryplaytoddler #playroominspo #natureplay
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