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Coco Hair Company


#1 Textured Luxury Hair Extension Co ITIPS•CLIPINS•WEFTS•TAPEINS

#1 seller Kinky Curly
Tape In
Clip In

#fyp #hairtok #luxuryextensions
Instead of working all day every day doing low ticket services all day just to make $1k, what if you did 2-3 clients 3 days a week at $1-3k. Have you ever thought about how to do that?

My average install is $2k which means I can work 3 times a month and hit $10k months easily,here’s how I did it in 3 steps:

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☝🏾 Make content that will attract your ideal client, because I increased my prices to offer luxury extensions I had to make sure I was talking to only the women who could afford my services speak her language and learn what she likes came easy for me I am her..

✌🏾Please create a bomb client experience one of the main reasons I personally didn’t like to get my hair done is because I don’t like assembly lines I want the person I paid on my head I met my client at the door and she had my undivided attention til I walked her out throw in a haircare goody bag and you won idk about you all but I love gifts it’s my love language 🫶🏾 (Pro tip: don’t forget to rebook her before she leaves)

👌🏾The best move I made was investing in an influencer she was a former
#basketballwivesla I only did this once back in 2020 I got tons of video and pics while doing her install and she also agreed to post the experience as well

📍Dallas book opens tomorrow I got once a month in me for Texas☺️

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#fyp #hairtok #beautybusiness #6figurestylist #cocohaircopro #hairstylistsoftiktok
Have you considered trying #nanolinks the bead is so tiny you can get super close to the hairline without detection.. Hit us up for a consultation we have availability in #dallas and #atlanta for the month of September the rest of August is booked measage for waitlist🫶🏾

#cocodolls #luxuryextensions #ftip #texturedhair #fyp
Up close and personal #itipextensions are life!
🚫 Heat
🚫 Glue
🚫 Tracks


#hairtok #hairextensions #fyp
Comment Wifi Money to snag a seat in my free webinar I’ll show you how I created this freedom for myself I’m honestly still in disbelief! I thought I hit when I discovered #itips for black women the see y’all new tax brackets because of it 😂 y’all welcome 😘 but this is bigger get in the room this the only time it will ever be free 20 seats only!
#escapethematrix #worksmarternotharder #wifimoney #moneyinmysleep #investingnotflexing #fy
And yes I be up on you! Look how clean her lines are I love when #hairbraiders take my class they just get it! Let me show you how to break out of #hustleculture register today learn how I work maybe 3 days a week while making 6 figures..

#hairextensions #hairtok #extensionspecialist #6figurestylist #worksmarternotharder #fyp
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