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I help you heal at the root and become Free & Unstoppable!! ✨ DM me on IG



March 20th 2014 I got my first huge load of chemo therapy. It was the beginning of years of hospital, dehumanizing treatments and big surrendering.

I survived this and many more miraculously.

It was a ride to hell and back.

It also was my biggest gift ever.

It showed me my deepest purpose, gave me my wildest freedom and brought me to deep connection to myself, others and Source Energy.

🎯After surviving severe acute leukemia and inspiring thousands of participants, readers and clients in The Netherlands, to step into their authenticity, unique life and freedom - I chose to move countries to live with my 3 children in Ibiza, Spain.

🎯Here I now am working with my international clientele of entrepreneurs and executives to help them change what is holding them back from becoming truly free in life, love and leadership. 

🎯I created The Freedom Code™ as a methodology based on my 20 years of experience and knowledge, but more importantly it's rooted in my own life's story where I almost lost my freedom for good and got to find my own way to deal with that - ending up cracking my own code to freedom. This is the kind of freedom that doesn't depend on external circumstances, expectations and other people - but on deep knowing of who you are, connecting to your purpose, finding and integrating ALL of who you are, and having access to all 100% of your potential. 

Send a message (link in bio) when you want to learn more about working together on cracking 🎯YOUR code to freedom🎯. We will speak what is possible for you and which container fits you and your desires best (private mentoring, The Freedom Code™ Fast-track program, Ibiza retreat).

Cheers, to life.

Your life.
Your journey.
Your choice.

Much love, Leontine
#innerfreedom #raiseyourvibrationtoday #selfhealingjourney #leadership #mindbodysouljourney #authenticity #freedom #cancer #leukemia
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