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Antonia Greco


Personal Development Coach Former Matchmaker https://www.coachingbyantonia.com

Treat your body like a temple. Surround yourself wuth people that energize your spirt. Give to the less fortunate and live your life’s purpose.  #sundayreset #healthywealthyandwise #dailyreminder #sundaythoughts #pillarsoflife
Be discerning when you’re getting to know someone.

If someone is inviting you over to their place or back to their place on Date
#1 , then they are probably not looking for something serious or they are trying to speed thing up. Or they’re psychopathic.

In other words, they’re either emotionally dangerous or physically dangerous. Date smarter.
#datingcoach #firstdatetips #datingadvice #redflags
Putting someone on a pedestal is a dangerous move - especially when it comes to the person we’re dating.

Sure, it’s ok to admire our partner…as an equal. But when we place someone ABOVE us, that can only mean that we now are BELOW them.

Simply put, if you treat someone like a king or a queen and they are not treating you the same way in return, that makes you a village person. A plebeian. In other words, you won’t earn status or respect by bowing down to someone.

Not only does pedestaling create an unhealthy and uneven dynamic, but it also means we’re devaluing ourselves by believing we are less than or that we need to “earn” or buy love. This is transactional, desperate and can even be manipulative. Why? Because this is the ego and our unhealed traumas at play. Not to mention, it puts us in a position to get taken advantage of.

Now I’m not saying that if you’re a giver to stop giving. But it’s important to find someone who is also a giver or at least someone that matches your investment (both physically and emotionally). This helps you to avoid someone that is a taker or who only wants to be with you for what you can offer.

When you idealize someone, you’re seeing them for who you want them to be aka who your ego wants them yo be. Expectations become unrealistic. This means you might ignore red flags or put up with something you otherwise wouldn’t…or not “rocking the boat” for fear of losing this person.

Remember, authentic and healthy relationships are built on a MUTUAL understating and acceptance of the other. It is a CO-CREATION.

Oh and one last thing, you also don’t want to be the person on the pedestal either. Because once your partner realizes you’re human, they will massively be let down.

#pedestal #relationships #equanimity #mutualrespect #datingadvice
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